Lovely Day for Joe’s 16th Birthday

  Joe is 16 today, he has made it after being so poorly these last few weeks.He is so much

Tiger is Now 12

My dear Tiger is now 12. She has always been my angel & is never far from my side. As

Rosie’s 10th Birthday

It is Rosie’s 10th birthday. It seems unbelievable that we have had her so long, but honestly we can’t imagine

Alfie Enjoys His 10th Birthday

Alfie had a busy day walk in the water park and then a trip to Planters Garden Centre Celebrating his

Happy 10th Birthday Baby Bear

Happy 10th Birthday Baby Bear – still as cheeky & bonkers as when a puppy. Sending lots of love to

Happy Birthday Seraphina

Seraphina is 10 years old today Wherever did that decade go? Our very first litter and the puppy we chose

Happy’s 9th Birthday

Happy 9th Birthday to my beautiful little “ HAPPY “ I love you so much – you are so cute

Elmo is 13 today

Elmo is 13 today!!!!! A day I didn’t think would come as he was diagnosed with heart failure last September….

Bella Enjoys her 11th Birthday

Our beautiful Bella turned 11 today. She had a lie in followed by playtime with her first ever, and by


Hard core, trendy and certainly rebellious – that’s what Antoinette Olivia Taylor, the proud mummy of a twin brother and

Luna’s 3rd Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday to our gorgeous little Luna. She had lots of new toys to play with. We all love

Bijou Looking Pretty on Her Birthday

Happy Sixth Birthday to my darling Bijou and all of her siblings. You are a joy in my life! Bette

Dino’s 4th Birthday

In January 2022 we went to meet a little fella who needed a new forever home. The first thing he

Hollie’s 1st Birthday

Holly had a lovely Birthday today despite being stuck in by the weather. She loves playing with the puppies and

Loki Turns 5

My dear little Loki was 5 on 30th August. He still thinks he is a puppy and gets so excited

Dino’s Happy Birthday Day

Hi guys, so I turned 3 this week and Mammy was so excited all week. She kept calling me the

Introducing Kenzi

Hello my name is Kenzi (Lagspring Anthurium). I am a Bichon Bolognese. I was born on 19th October 2021. My

Randulph’s 13th Birthday Cake

Ranulph has had a difficult year health wise, but he is still here for his 13th birthday. He is full

Joe is 15 Today!

Hi Folks just enjoying my walk round the water Park celebrating my 15th Birthday will need a sleep after this

ALL ABOUT US – Bear & Tiger Taylor

Bear Hello I’m Bear. I am a 9 year old puppy with endless energy from Donocielo Bolognese. My mum is


On a very cold but crisp New Year’s Eve back in 2007 I had the pleasure of spending New Year’s

Seraphina is 9 Years Young

Happy Birthday Seraphina, 9 years young. She had a lovely walk on Shanklin Beach in the sunshine. Then home to

Lovely day for Alfie’s 9th Birthday

Joy & Norman celebrated Alfie’s 9th birthday today. Joy said, “Alfie went for along walk this morning and is now

Lovely Picture of Elmo on his 12th Birthday

Nice to see Elmo looking so well on his 12th Birthday 🙂 Amanda said, “Elmo is most definitely an elderly

Snow for Bella’s 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday to our beautiful Bella. In previous years she has celebrated her birthdays on the Bolognese stand at

Luca’s Birthday Picture

Here is Luca on his 5th birthday with is new toy, an owl. He had a little birthday cake and

HAPPY BIRTHDAYS to Rupert & Daisy

It’s my little Rupert’s 14th birthday today and Daisy’s 11th (or thereabouts ) New coats , toys, dog cupcakes for

Christmas Birthday for Mini

My Beautiful Minnie was 6 years old on Boxing Day. She has had such a fun few days she didn’t

Lovely Lily Turns 12

My Lily Loo Loo is 12 years old today, took this picture just now, she’s really well and happy, always

Lady Mia 12 Years Old Today

Happy Birthday to our very special lady Mia who is 12 years old today. Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother and Great

Nancy Enjoys Her 2nd Birthday

Nancy was 2 years old on 9th December she had a lovely birthday with lots of special cards and presents.

Gianna is 11-years old

Gianna’s 11th Birthday today Had a lot of fun in the park so many squirrels more than 20 I chased

Max & Cara 7-years Birthday

Max and Cara have spent most of their 7th birthday chilling out after competing at LKA dog show in Birmingham

Truffles on His Travels

This year we went on holiday to Archerfield Estate, which is very handy for the beautiful beaches at Gullane and

Tiger & Bear Road Trip 2022

Mark & Debbie Taylor visit Cornwall with their Bolognese Bear & Tiger, this is their charming and rather amusing story…

Teddys 10th Birthday

Teddy has had a fabulous 10th Birthday shared with his little sister Petal & Cousin Nancy. They had a breakfast

Dino’s 2nd Birthday

Hi everybody ! It was my birthday on the 5th August but my family were in Spain, so we didn’t

Enzo on His 2nd Birthday

What a handsome boy posing for his Birthday Picture owned by Vicky Anderson from Guildford in Surrey  

Alba on Her 2nd Birthday

Our beautiful Alba on her Second Birthday. She is such a fun dog person and makes us laugh every day

Hector on His 9th Birthday

Happy birthday Hector Owner Mary said, “Hector, our extremely vocal little man thinks he’s a St Bernard at times. Hector

Rory’s 6th Birthday

Little Rory is spoilt for his 6th birthday. Rory looks very happy with his cake. Thanks to  Laura & Michael

Lovely Birthday for Loki

Little Loki is 4 years old today. He’s had a grand day. He got a new bed, collar and harness.

Amy’s 4th Birthday Picture

Sweet little Amy celebrated her 4th birthday at the Welsh Kennel Club showground in Builth, Wales on the 19th of

13th Birthday for Lovely Angel

Today Angel is 13!!! (A bittersweet day as Tilly my other Bolognese would have been 14!) Angel will be treated

Truffles Birthday Party at Grannys

Truffles turns two, he celebrated with pupcakes, presents and making a new friend at the park, well I say friend

Ranulph’s 12th Birthday

Ranulph at 12 still plays like a puppy when he wants to, taps me or twirls around if he wants

Lui is 4-years old Today

My name is Lui and I am 4 today! I am spending my birthday enjoying cuddles, and treats, and my

First Birthday for Beautiful Benji

Happy 1st birthday to this beautiful happy little soul. He’s an absolutely joy to have in our lives. On his

Happy 8th Birthday Petal

Happy 8th Birthday Petal Can’t believe our little Ray of sunshine is celebrating her 8th Birthday. Petal is such a


Happy 1st Birthday to our little star, Enzo (Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian). He settled into our Arkadian family so

Chico’s 16th Birthday!

Well today, Tuesday 3rd May 2022 marks a very special day in the Morley family as our amazing little darling

Bengi Hewitson’s 12th Birthday Picture

Shirley Hewitson contacted us saying, “Our Bengi is 12 years old today. He has been outside today laying in the

Seraphina Turns 8-years old

Seraphina celebrated her 8th Birthday on Sunday. She enjoyed her day with a lovely stroll along the beach and lunch

Snuggle on Sofa for Birthday Girl Bear

This is a picture of our Baby Bear (far right) with fluff friend Bess & big sis Tiger. Bear is

Alfie’s 8th Birthday

Alfie as been enjoying his birthday. He started the day with a long walk in the water park and enjoyed

Rupert & Daisy’s Birthday Treats

Birthday dogs Rupert is a teenager at 13 years old and Daisy is 10 years old (approx) today Celebrating with

Mia’s Birthday Cake

Mia was our first bolognese girl who came from Melanie Thomas (Belstown Bolognese). She is our “little lady” with a

Lily’s 11th Birthday

Lily was 11 years old this week, she went to meet a friend in Shoreham-on-Sea and had a lovely walk

First Birthday For Nancy

Nancy had a lovely Birthday on the 9th of December with us all. She had a lovely birthday walk and

Archie & Marco’s 3rd Birthday

Archie and Marco will be 3 years old on 26/11/2021. They are still best buddies. Marco is the manic one

Truffles Heenan’s All About Me

I have now had 6-months to get to know by Bolognese Truffles. I picked up my darling boy on 5

Trixie Blair’s All About Me

This is Slovkyn Fiona Trixie (Trixie). How she is 3 yrs old already I do not know! Time has flown.

Boswell Haig’s All About Me

Boswell was born 9th March 2013 his birth mum is Bonny owned by Fay Walker, his kennel club name is

Observations of the Bolognese breed, by Jennie Hegarty

Jennie Hegarty from Leatherhead in Surrey has told us what she has learned about Bolognese and in particular Fizz who

Enzo & Clara’s First Birthday

Enzo & sister Clara got together at the weekend to celebrate their first birthday Vicky Anderson, Guildford, Surrey Julian Morgenstern

Doggie Cake for Rorydog’s 5th Birthday

Happy 5th Birthday Rorydog. The birthday boy certainly enjoyed his doggie cake, especially hunting out the crumbs from his new

NEW MEMBER STORY – Lorraine Legg

I have 2 Samoyeds aged 6 and 12 who I adore but I decided that I wanted a smaller dog

Dino’s First Birthday

Hi everyone I’m Dino and I have just just had by first birthday. I had the best day. My family were

Vinny Has a Day Out

Vinny was at his first champ show yesterday at 12 months – don’t think he was impressed but we will

Chico Best Veteran

Had the privilege of seeing this little guy, our Chico win the award of Best Veteran at the Weston-Super-Mare Bolognese

Rough & Tumble on Loki’s Birthday

My dear little Loki was 3 years old yesterday. He got lots of presents and really enjoys playing with his


Happy 3rd birthday to our beautiful little princess, Amy. She has such a feminine and expressive face and gets prettier


Wishing my Tilly a Happy 13th & Angel 12th Birthday! They’ve had the Pawfect day, sleeping in the morning ready


It doesn’t seem like 13 years ago since we went to Germany to collect Amor. He was a darling then

Dear Tino’s 15th Birthday

Tino is a very dear, sweet little boy and I’m so proud of him having reached the grand age of

Petal on Her 7th Birthday

Our baby girl celebrates her 7th Birthday.  Petal has had a lovely day being totally spoilt, she’s had a nice

13-years Old And Still a Show Boy

Luigi Hopkins celebrated his thirteenth birthday on May 7th. Much loved and adored by all and still competing at dog

Lovely Lie-in For Bella’s Birthday

Bella celebrated her 8th birthday with a lie-in this morning, in fact she didn’t want to get up at all!

Just Little Anne

Karen send this lovely picture of her Bolognese girl Anne, saying, “She is a joyous happy little girl, always loves

3 Years Old Already

Here is Luca on the big sofa where he loves sitting, watching birds in the garden and cars down on

Luca and his Bunny Toy

This photo shows my Bolognese Luca and his once favourite toy as it once looked. I bought Luca this rabbit

SPOT LIGHT – Amor von der Marchenwiese

Amor von der Marchenwiese bred by Baerbel Fricke from the Marchenwiese Kennel Amor is now 13 years old and he

Bijou’s 3rd Birthday

Bette Hopkins wishes, “a very Happy Birthday to our darling, Bijou – three years old today!” We are told that

Pippa’s 3rd Birthday

Pippa (sitting on the left) & sister Mitzi are seen here on Pippa’s 3rd birthday. Pippa is a real character

Archie & Marcos Celebrate Their 2nd Birthday

Here is a picture of the boys Archie & Marcos for their 2nd birthday on the 26th of November 2020.

Happy 8th Birthday to Dino & Doogle

Happy 8th Birthday to Dino & Doogle. His owner mary Easton said, “I love these boys, thank you to our

Teddy Bear Spoilt on his Birthday

Teddy Bear is 8 today. He’s the most loving little boy. In the 8 years he’s shared his life with

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lucy 7-years Today

From day one Lucy made it known to me that she was staying with me and would be my companion.

Wow Megan is 16 Today!

Happy 16th birthday to my stunning little lady Megan. Here she is in her new Cath Kidston bed she received

Birthday Celebrations for Princess

Princess Angel was 6-years old on 16th September. She had a lovely day celebrating with her cousins Teddy and Petal.

Peggy 6-years old today

Peggy, aka Moorhey Silken Rose is 6 today. She is one of 4 girls born to Aimee (Shirley) and Joesepie

Loki is 2-Years Old Today

Loki was thoroughly spoilt today on his 2nd birthday. He enjoyed playing with his new teddy that I bought him

Lovely Homemade Card for Harvey

Harvey lives in Hertfordshire and is pictured here on his 2nd birthday with Sophia, who made this lovely Birthday Card

Happy Second Birthday to Amy

Amy lives with Mark & Diane Whateley in Birmingham. She enjoyed her 2nd birthday with her Bolognese family Max, Cara

Birthday Fun in The Garden

Cassie and Ceasario Mulligan had a really great party in their garden on the Isle of Wight with their other

Lovely Cake for Petal’s 6th Birthday

‘Moorhey Buttercup’ know to her Family & Bolo Friends as Princess Petal is 6 Today Our sweet baby girl has had

Happy 12th Birthday to Luigi

Bette Hopkins wishes a very Happy Birthday to her darling Luigi, who is twelve today! Licks and kisses to brother

Special Sausages for Bengi’s 10th Birthday

Happy Birthday to Shirley Hewitson’s boy Bengi, seen here relaxing on a swing chair in the garden. Shirley said, “he


Tiger Taylor is 8 years old today, her mum Debbie says, “Happy Birthday to our darling Tiger, she is my

Fizz Achieves KC Silver Good Citizen Award

Jennie Hegarty from Surrey contacted us with news from her Bolognese Fizz who has just received her Good Citizen Silver

Honey & Peggy

Here is a picture of my 2 beautiful Bolognese, to help brighten your day. Honey (Rhosynangel Carys) is on the

Trixie After Her Pamper Session

I live in Tyne & Wear with my Bolognese Trixie. She has just come back from The Dog House groomers


The Moorhey Babies Teddy & Petal would like to wish all their Bolo friends & family a very Merry Christmas

Happy 8th Birthday to Gianna

Happy 8th Birthday to my beautiful girl Gianna she has had a lovely day chasing Squirrels and Birds in the

Bijou Achieves Good Citizen Dog Silver Competence

Bijou was very clever to get her Good Citizen Dog Silver Competence at her first try. Gold may be a

Alfie’s Agility Success!

These are some pictures of Bolognese Alfie (owned by Joy & Norman Hough) having fun at his Smart Paws Agility

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hector 6-year Old

Hector has just celebrated his 6th birthday. He went walk about in Foston on the Wolds when I visited baby

Megan is 15 Years Old and Looking FAB!

Wishing my precious little girl a very happy 15th birthday. Beautiful on the inside and out. Thanks to Gina Taylor

My Lovely Girl Carina

Hello, my name is Ikuko Hisaka. I live in Portland Oregon USA and am a member of your club. This

Penny’s 3rd Birthday Picture

Our darling Penny turned 3-years old on the 1st of October. She is seen here on her birthday in her

Loki’s New Bed

This is Loki on his 1st birthday on the 30th August in his new bed. He had a good rough

Dogs on Tour

This picture was taken this summer (2019) on our trip rounds Europe. Mark is standing inside a WW1 trench with

Beautiful Little Amy

Happy 1st Birthday to our beautiful little girl Amy. She loves people and getting a fuss from everyone. Diane &

Our Lovely Harvey’s 1st birthday

Harvey Sood has been sunbathing this afternoon with a long nap. This is the picture of that exact moment. Here

Harry’s First Birthday

Harry Thomas 1st birthday picture. He has spent the day with his mum and his grandmother at home in Bognor

Happy Group of Bolognese

Happy picture taken at Bournemouth Show 2019 of (left to right) Gonni, Guido, Harry, Freya and 2 visiting puppies Echo

Candy’s 11th Birthday Picture

Little Candy is 11-years old today and she has spent the day with her daughter Lily and her grandson Harry

Lovely Rosa is 5-years old Today

Happy birthday to this young lady who is 5 years old today 24th June. Devonia’s Red Hot Summer (Rosa) so

Benson 4-years today

Happy birthday to Benson, who is 4-years old today. Benson lives in Southsea, Hampshire with his owner Debbie Wicks and

Bronze Good Citizen Award for Bijou

So very proud of our little Bijou who gained her Good Citizen Dog Bronze Award on her first attempt! It

Bronze Good Citizen’s Award For Reggie

To win the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen’s Award Reggie was taught to stay for a minute and down on

Puppy Foundation Award for Bolognese Puppy Fizz

Young Bolognese Fizz has now achieved her Puppy Foundation Award. She is back to classes again and hoping will advance

Well Done Amy

Little Bolognese Amy has passed her Good Citizen Puppy Foundation course at 7-months old with flying colours. Well done Amy


Happy Birthday Bella. Birthday wishes also go to her brothers Teddy and Boswell. I couldn’t imagine our lives life without her

Just Bathed The Girls

These are my 3 Coton de Tulear girls, Ella (wearing pink & purple) is 3 and half years and mum

New Bolognese Boy Called Loki

I now have another gorgeous Bolognese boy as well as Tino. His name is Loki and he is a delight.

Birthday Gifts for Dino and Doogle

Happy 6th birthday my 2 Bolognese Dino & Doogle. I got them these soft crates for using in our caravan

Teddy on His Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday to our special little boy Teddy. Everyday you make us smile & melt our hearts love you

Audrey Checking out the Competition!

My Bolognese Audrey seen here reading a show catalogue whilst waiting to go in the ring, checking out the competition!

Charming Halloween Picture

Carol Lees sent us this lovely seasonal picture of Bolognese Lafford Shirley Temple

Success for Ruby & Max

Club members Diane and Mark Whateley’s granddaughter Ruby Fletcher did them proud in her first serious Junior Handling competition. At

Beautiful Megan Ellis Turns 14-years Old

Happy Birthday to Megan who turned 14 on October 5th. She is such a special little lady and is loved

Happy 4th birthday “Baby” Bear

Lovely picture of Bear Taylor (on right of picture) on her 4th Birthday with Tiger-Lily by her side. 2 Bolognese

Benson is 3-years old today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Benson Wicks, 3-years old today. Benson lives in Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire and he is loved very much


Happy 7th Birthday to Elmo! Now a veteran, where does the time go? Liver cake, bubbles & presents! Amanda Lawson

Maja Fell in Love With The Bolognese Breed

Jane Towers recently stayed in an Airbnb in Laren which is 25 mins South East of Amsterdam. The lovely lady Maja was hospitable and

Three Generations Together in Holland

Karen Golden had a wonderful time in Holland recently. She stayed with her friends Carolien and Rudd Jongejans. But what

Great Friends

My puppy Bolognese Reggie and my youngest grandson Dilan are great companions and friends. Kathleen Holliday

Mamma Mia Chills in Amsterdam

Mia Mulligan took the trip to Amsterdam for The World Show and kept an eye on all events! Mia is

Ruby & Max Win Junior Handling Competition

Club members Mark & Diane Whateley from Birmingham went to Chertsey Agricultural Show on the 11th of August and entered all

Bolognese on Tour

Club member Denise Turner took this picture of Peggy (aka Moorhey Silken Rose) in Normandy whilst the family are caravanning

Hello From Buddy in Jersey

This is Buddy, he belongs to club member Margot Le Guyader and they live in Jersey in The Channel Islands.

Trixie Passes Bronze Good Citizen Test

What a lovely picture of little Trixie who is owned by Sue Blair from Tyne & Wear. Sue is pleased

Happy 10th Birthday to Candy Floss

Figgarony Andomache at Belstown, better known as Candy is 10-years old in the 4th of July 2018. She was pick

Bolognese on Location

3 year old Pixie usually lives in Leeds with Dianne & Stuart Morris, but is currently on holiday in Honfleur, France!

HAPPY 4th Birthday to Bolognese Fabio

Carol Martin’s Bolognese Fabio is 4-years old today, looks like he is taking it easy on his birthday!

Family Celebrate Petal’s 4th Birthday

Happy 4th birthday to Petal Costello. Her owner Cindy says, “you are a little Angel sent from heaven, the sweetest

Max Guards His Prize

A PRIZE arrived at the Whateley’s house and Bolognese MAX decided to guard it to keep it from his sisters!

Spot Prize Arrives

Cassie Mulligan says “thank you very much for the lovely spot prize”.

8-Years Old Today!

Happy 8th birthday to INT. CHAMPION PREDATINO BENGI owned and loved by Shirley Hewitson  

Peggy Loved Her Prize

Denise Turner sent us a message thanking the club for her prize for the recent Caption Competition. Here is an

Bolognese Peter is 17-years old!

Club member Lin Littlehales said of her Bolognese Peter who is 17-years old today, “happy 17th Birthday Peter, you still


Mark & Debbie Taylor’s dog Tiger is 6-years old today! He looks very happy in his birthday picture…

Pixie Morris

Thankyou Diane Morris for sending us this lovely picture of her little Bolognese Pixie, who she has had for 1-year.

New Friends

Pandora & Athena meeting Loki my daughter’s dog for the first time 

Happy Memories

The girls on Xmas morning


A trip to see Hudson kisses with Candy and Lily as well

Teddy & Petal Moorhay Babies

Teddy & Petal the Moorhay babies say Merry Christmas Cindy Costello

Gianna Irvine

Gianna looking so beautiful she is such a special girl from Paul Irvine, club member from London

My Dogs in Their Club Bandana

My Babies are loving their holidays in The Cotswolds & modelling their new Bolognese Dog Club UK Bandanas. Moorhey Leonardo


Happy Birthday Mr Wiggle, 3 today. Owned and loved by club member Rika Lane.

New Club Member from Australia!

Our 104th Bolognese Dog Club UK member is Alanna Bell from Belmont, New South Wales AUSTRALIA! Alanna said, “We do

Candy & Rita

Lovely how dogs can lift people’s’ spirits. Rita is not able to have a dog of her own anymore, but

Teddy and Princess Petal Enjoy The Summer

Teddy and Princess Petal look chilled on their new sun loungers. TecTake Lovely Pet Bed, £19.99 from Amazon!

Summer is Here!

Karen Golden with her 3 Bolognese Dolly Daisy, Annie Angelica and Lucie enjoying the start of summer.

Petal’s Special Day

Happy Birthday to our little princess Petal, 3-years old today.

Doogle and Dino

We won the runner up prize for the Caption Competition, our prize came and Doogle & Dino love their new toys!

Lulu & Hector

Jane Towers with Lulu & her son Hector at WELKS 2017

My Dogs

We are seldom parted from our beloved little white clouds namely Whisper, aged almost 12, her daughter, Bettina, aged 10

Dino & Doogle

Just realised it’s 4 years today since we brought these gorgeous woofers home to stay with us. Dino on left,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brothers Doogle & Dino

Happy 4th Birthday to the gorgeous woofers Doogle & Dino owned by Mary Easton from Scotland. Mary said, “Thank you Elizabeth Lovie for

Lovely Bright Day for Bolognese MEET UP

The MEET UP at Wharf Side Tea Rooms on Sunday was a success, 10 Bolognese came along of all ages, sizes

Monty & Ellie

Monty Bear, owned by Janet Frodsham, met Ellie Thomas again after 5 1/2 years, he seamed to still love her!

New Comer Isabella

Isabella Mackrell qualifies for YKC (Young Kennel Club) final at Crufts 2017 in the YKC Stakes at Belfast Dog Show, aged

Megan and Bailey

Megan and Bailey are looking a bit too comfy on my bed!

Three Italian Beauties

Sian Kaye Lewis is from Cardiff, but now lives in Rome. She shows and breeds Bolognese and is also a

Fun & Frolics in Hotham Park

The first Bolognese Picnic took place on Sunday 31st July in the lovely Hotham Park. The weather was perfect. Nine

Millie and Macy

I have been asked to let members know how Millie & Macy are getting on. I re-homed the Bolognese girls, who


Minty our 2-year old Bolognese girl, says hello from London Tina Vadaneaux

Why Walk When You Can Take a Ride?

A day out at the garden centre with the girls. Annie always comes home with a new toy as they

Daisy’s First Trip to the Beach

Jules new puppy Daisy took her first trip to the beach today and loved it. First time off the lead

Bonnie Brings Joy to The Elderley

This picture is of my Bonnie @ Moorhey. She’s a veteran girl who stayed with me and I took her

Carol & Dennis Mulligan WIN BEST PROFILE

We have judged the first BEST PROFILE spot prize. Carol & Dennis Mulligan’s profile is the overall winner with best

Teddy’s Birthday Cakes

My Bolognese Teddy (Moorhey Leonardo) is 3-years old today and the guests to his party will be enjoying his special

Buddy Best Friends for Ever

Buddy lives in Jersey with Boston the Labrador. When he was a puppy Buddy took a private plane to get

Young Bolognese Bear Takes to Agility

Mark Taylor’s young Bolognese named Bear has taken to Agility and she has turned out to be a natural! Bear

Gianna & Mia Enjoy a Run on the Beach

Gianna and Mia live in Morden with the Mulligan family. They love to visit the Isle of white and have


Teddy lives in  Basingstoke with his Mum and Dad Annie and Dave Redmond and 2 Labradors Molly and Lily. How spoilt are