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Millie and Macy

I have been asked to let members know how Millie & Macy are getting on. I re-homed the Bolognese girls, who are mother and daughter, after their owner had passed away a few months ago. I am pleased to say that they are settling in well and the pair love to share an armchair in the evenings settling down and often washing each other. It’s great that they stayed together. The girls came from a disabled owner who employed a dog-walker and they love 4 good walks a day, plus plenty of play in the garden. Funnily enough the older girl Millie seems to be in the better shape, with Macy needing some dental work and having some problem with her right hip and needing some medication for that. Cat-chasing is still ‘work in progress’, though they are both obedient and will stop chasing when told to do so. The girls are also getting on very well with our two younger Bolognese boys, 2-year-old Dante and Tiny Tino, 4 months old.  I also have 4 pedigree Russian Blue cats, two of which I rescued.

Caroline Moore

Caroline Moore (renewal Jan 2025)

Caroline Moore (renewal Jan 2025)