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HEALTH MATTERS – Ear Infections

by Melanie Thomas Ear infections are a common and painful condition for dogs, so we thought it best to address

HEALTH MATTERS Ringworm (dermatophytosis)

by Melanie Thomas Ringworm is a fungal infection caused by a micro-organism called dermatophytosis. The condition causes crusty lesions on

PRODUCT REVIEW- Plush Puppy OMG Grooming Spray and Wonder Wash, by Mark Whateley

We have the pleasure of sharing our lives with 7 wonderful Bolognese, all of whom we have shown, except for

Dog Safe Gardens

As Summer is here at last, we thought it good to focus on your outdoor space and keeping it safe

QUESTION: What changes will I see in my older Bolognese

QUESTION: What changes will I see in my older Bolognese? ANSWER: Not all dogs show signs of aging at the


Your dog’s mobility is important and should be monitored, particularly as they age. If you look for the signs of

What’s in my Grooming Bag? by Melanie Thomas

I have been grooming Bolognese of all ages for well over 15-years, I have bred 7 litters and raised 5

QUESTION: How do you keep Bolognese dogs so white?

QUESTION: How do you keep Bolognese dogs so white? ANSWER: I’m sure many Bolognese owners have heard this question many times


Warmer days are great for dog walking. But beware, warmer weather means fleas hatch out looking for a host. The

QUESTION: How do I Find a Bolognese Puppy?

ANSWER: The Bolognese Dog Club UK is often asked this question. So, how do I find a Bolognese puppy? As

QUESTION: What documentation should I expect to see when buying a Bolognese puppy from a reputable breeder?

ANSWER: Part of being a reputable breeder is carrying out certain health checks and providing documentation in relation to the

Stay Safe in Autumn

Sunny Autumn walks can be really nice, especially on a dry sunny day. However there are dangers for your dog

Pedicure Tips, by Chris Thatcher

A most uninspiring subject but an equally important one because if the care of the foot is not maintained your

HEALTH MATTERS – Grass Seed, by Jennie Hegarty

Recently I had a real scare with Fabio – he is just one year old and a darling of a


During hot summery conditions grasses and plants start to dry out and their barbed seeds begin to scatter. These can


Hello fellow Bolognese owners. Our beautiful breed does seem prone to tear staining and over the years I feel as

Ear Plucking – the Job everybody hates to do

by Chris Thatcher The Bolognese along with other non-moulting breeds of dog have hair growing in their ears. It is

QUESTION: Should I Choose a Male or Female Bolognese?

ANSWER: As an occasional breeder of Bolognese, I am often asked when I have a litter of puppies what sex is

QUESTION: How Can I Keep my Bolognese Teeth Clean?

QUESTION: How Can I Keep my Bolognese Teeth Clean? ANSWER: Small breeds tend to be prone to gum disease and a


There are many things that can cause a gastrointestinal upset in our dogs. These range from eating something that upsets

Doggy Depression, by Melanie Thomas

Yes, dogs suffer from a type of depression and like us this could be caused by a change of routine

PRODUCT REVIEW – Moorland Rider Petwear Wash Bag

Fizz and Fabio are my 2 Bolognese both get dirty on a regular basis as does their bedding.  We also

HEALTH MATTERS – Diabetes in Dogs, by Melanie Thomas

Diabetes prevents dogs from controlling their blood sugar levels. Just like us, occasionally dogs develop Diabetes. If left untreated, Diabetes

Izzie’s Medical Story

About 4-weeks ago our Bolognese Izzie wasn’t well, she had a lump forming under her top left nipple and a

ALABAMA ROT (CRGV) – What’s it all About?

ALABAMA ROT (CRGV) CUTANEOUS AND RENAL GLOMERULAR VASCULOPATHY The disease known as Alabama Rot first appeared in the late 1980’s

QUESTION: Do they need much grooming?

The No. 1 QUESTION people ask if they are interested in the Bolognese QUESTION: Do they need much grooming? ANSWER:

HEALTH MATTERS – Anal Glands, by Vikki Marshall RVN APHC

All dogs have these glands (often known as anal sacs) they are situated near to the anal opening.  These glands

TOP TIP – Paw Licking

During hot summery conditions grasses and plants start to dry out and their barbed seeds begin to scatter. These can

TOP TIP – Think Tick

Ticks are more active in the UK between March and October, so this is the time to be vigilant… What

Health Advice from Vikki Marshall RVN APHC CertCFVHNut

This time of year, brings us to parasite time. It is the time when traditionally fleas and ticks become a

QUESTION: How do I go about breeding with my female Bolognese

So, you have decided you would like to have a litter from your female Bolognese. Firstly, you must ask yourself

HEALTH MATTERS – Dental Care, by Vikki Marshall RVN APHC

Dental disease in dogs is one of the most common conditions which vets have to deal with today. With a

PRODUCT REVIEW – Emmi-pet, ultrasonic toothbrush

Emmi-pet, Ultrasonic Toothbrush By Chris Thatcher I am always a little sceptical when it comes to gadgets although I have

TOP TIP – tear staining

Happy Tears Tear Staining Treatment Kit (can also be used on beard staining) Anyone who owns a Bolognese or a

Pandemic dog-napping, by Antoinette Olivia Taylor

You don’t see many of that type of dogs around here!  What is its breed? I have never seen that


With warm temperatures and sunshine set to sweep the UK today (2 June), The Kennel Club is issuing a new

TOP TIP teeth brushing

For some times now, I have been using a Brush-Baby BabySonic Electric Toothbrush every other evening on my dogs’ teeth. I

Unravelling The Mysteries of Grooming

We asked Jane Towers, if she would share the secrets of her grooming box! What are your top 4 grooming

QUESTION: How much exercise do they need?

QUESTION: How much exercise do they need? ANSWER: The Bolognese is a toy breed so the exercise commitment is not

PRODUCT REVIEW Inconti-Pet (Washable Training Pad)

How did you hear of this product? I was expecting a litter of puppies and thinking about how many disposable

QUESTION: What health checks are required for Bolognese?

ANSWER: We are pleased to say that the Bolognese is a healthy little dog and directories don’t list hereditary diseases

QUESTION: How Easy are Bolognese Dogs to Train?

ANSWER: The Bolognese is an intelligent breed and can usually be relatively easily trained. Training treats can be used, from

QUESTION: What health checks are required for Bolognese?

ANSWER: We are pleased to say that the Bolognese is a healthy little dog and directories don’t list hereditary diseases

Puppy Foundation Award for Bolognese Puppy Fizz

Young Bolognese Fizz has now achieved her Puppy Foundation Award. She is back to classes again and hoping will advance

Researching The Breed

If you want to find out more about the Bolognese we would suggest that you click on the following links QUESTION:


The Kennel Club is warning dog owners to be vigilant as the peak season for the Alabama rot disease sets

Pretty in PINK

We are pleased to say that we have had another shipment of PINK Bow Clips arrive. We also have a


The Kennel Club is warning pet owners to be extra vigilant this year on fireworks night following statistics that show


Almost half of British adults (47 per cent) spend up to an hour a day taking photos of their dog,

Developments for PRA Testing in Bolognese

There is some good news on the DNA testing of Bolognese for PRA. A message has been put out to

Give a Dog a Bath

Quick guide to bathing your Bolognese Make sure all knots are removed before bathing Use a spray of diluted conditioner

TOP TIP – grooming

Best £3.50 spent, the tiny face comb is perfect for grooming around a Bolognese eyes and face. Available from www.petcetera.co.uk

TOP TIP – Colloidal Silver For Pets

Colloidal Silver is used by many doggy people as a tear staining remedy, added to the water and to clean the eyes.

The Care of The Bolognese

This article is by Angela Ferrullo, Vicepresidente of the Club del Bolognese e Maltese (CBM) – by E.N.C.I – FCI  (translation


With the Government’s impending policy which is due to take effect from the 6th April, 2016 I thought I had