Just Bathed The Girls

These are my 3 Coton de Tulear girls, Ella (wearing pink & purple) is 3 and half years and mum to Pippa. Ella is very regal in her ways a proper little princess and really spoilt, such an adorable girl and a brilliant mummy. Demi (wearing yellow) is 21 months and sister to Ella (same mum and dad) she is so funny she has a party trick she loves doing which is flicking her bum, she’s really lovable loves to kiss and cuddle and play with Pippa. Pippa (wearing green) is 6 months and daughter to Ella, really clever puppy has learned to spin, close the door, do high5 and smothers me in kisses. Hope you like the picture.

Clevie Clemo

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Stevie Clemo (renewal Jan 2021)

Stevie Clemo (renewal Jan 2021)

Founder Member I own and show Coton de tulears but know a few people with Bolognese as i see them at shows