Fun & Frolics in Hotham Park

The first Bolognese Picnic took place on Sunday 31st July in the lovely Hotham Park. The weather was perfect. Nine Bolognese came along, with most travelling quite a distance. It was great to see Bolognese in a casual environment, they played together, run loose chased balls, greeted the public in the park, it was really a sight to see. We put up a Bolognese Dog Club sign, so people were coming up to us and asking about the dogs. We played pass the parcel, had a raffle and a waggiest tail competition (which we asked a passer by to judge) and the Bolognese showed off their tricks. There is a full album of pictures on Facebook, click here to view. We will soon be announcing the next Bolognese Walk/social get together in a different location, but I am sure we will be back in Hotham Park next year as everybody wants to do it again.