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A short article on training your Bolognese for the show ring by Chris Thatcher OK, so you have decided you

QUESTION: Should I Choose a Male or Female Bolognese?

ANSWER: As an occasional breeder of Bolognese, I am often asked when I have a litter of puppies what sex is

QUESTION: How Easy are Bolognese Dogs to Train?

ANSWER: The Bolognese is an intelligent breed and can usually be relatively easily trained. Training treats can be used, from

Alfie’s Agility Success!

These are some pictures of Bolognese Alfie (owned by Joy & Norman Hough) having fun at his Smart Paws Agility

THE INTERVIEW – How Hannah Woods Trained Rosie The Agility Bolognese

Hannah Woods is just 13-years old and she has trained her Bolognese girl Rosie to an amazing standard in a

Have a Go Dog Shows

Have you ever watched Crufts and wished you could take part? Here is your chance ! Training days across the

Trixie Passes Bronze Good Citizen Test

What a lovely picture of little Trixie who is owned by Sue Blair from Tyne & Wear. Sue is pleased

Find a Dog Show

Do you love competing with your dog and want to take part in more competitions? Or have you never done

11-Month Olli Shows Her Agility Skills

This is Olli, Ott’s litter sister she is AMAZING at agility. Shames us lazy lot!

Young Bolognese Bear Takes to Agility

Mark Taylor’s young Bolognese named Bear has taken to Agility and she has turned out to be a natural! Bear