ALL ABOUT US – Bear & Tiger Taylor


Hello I’m Bear. I am a 9 year old puppy with endless energy from Donocielo Bolognese. My mum is Mia & my dad is Bengi (from Shirley Hewitson.) My job in the family is the entertainment & early warning system. I like dogs but those small uumans frighten me & older ones only interest me if Tiger has checked them out & confirmed them as a possible source of treats. When a cute fluff walks by, my statement piece is standing on my back legs wiggling my middle & bobbing my head – a ‘hooey – I’m over here – you wanna play’ type greeting – the crowds love it – you can hear them going aaahh. Engagement has to be on my terms though – I don’t like any of that sniffing my behind type business! Gentle fluffs only – not any of those big bullies that bulldoze you – my jaw-snap says ‘step away – step away now’ & dad responds very effectively by whipping me away to protect them. In return for my service I expect treats, food & cuddles. I’ve trained my uumans quite well I think. They mostly have the desired responses to my commands. I’m a talker. Mum says ‘is that a chicken in the house?’ She knows it’s me – duh. Mum & dad can be slow on the uptake to all my squeaks, barks, skips & leaps, with the need to increase both volume & agitation until they finally click. Borrrb-borrb gently rising to buk -buk fever pitch indicates breakfast, treats after walks, tea & treats after bedbys wee wee. My squawk-bomb for front door, squirrel & cat is explosive. That gets an immediate uuman response. I think Tiger thinks she is ahead of me, but I know I am first to hit the alarm button. I sleep well – belly-up & not a care in the world. Tigee looks after me in that department.


Hello, I am Tiger. I’m an 11 year old genteel duchess from Fay Walker & Jane Owen. My mum was Dolly & my dad was Louis. My job in the family is to keep mum safe, keep me warm & sit dad & Bear when mum goes out (which she does a lot.) You may be fooled by this passive demeanour, but make no mistake, I even sleep with one eye open. I am the silent one (non of that insane chattering that Bear does.) I love to get body heat from my uumans. Dad gives great cuddles without trying to groom me, so I sit on his lap or shoulder. Mum is annoying as she can’t stop trying to get knots out of my fluff, so I regularly have to make sure I am just out of her reach. On walkies I love to say hello to most uumans. I do love the little ones, especially babies in prams & squeaky ones with pink leggings – they make my tail twitch. I hate most dogs. The only fluff I am totally happy with is Bear. Auntie Sarah is the best uuman in the world. She makes me quiver with excitement, gives great cuddles & never tries to groom me. I know she is coming to our house before she arrives. Mum says she is the Pied Piper of dogs, whatever that means. Her new fluff Bess understands me very well & gives me space. I know Bess sometimes gets all growly-excited but I’m having none of that thank you. Auntie Sarah deals with that for me. Mum & dad are mostly in tune with what is expected. I agree with Bear that they can be slow on the uptake, but an unblinking stare is really all it takes from me. You would think that after 9 years of Bear watching me, the master at work, she would have got it by now, but no 🙄

Mark & Debbie Taylor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.