Chico – 3/5/2006 – 6/09/2022

by Lewis Morley The year is 2006, the UK is firmly under the reign of the incredible late Queen Elizabeth

Ginger – Alisa od Ceske Lipy – 07-11-2006 – 09-06-2022

Sweet beautiful Ginger – Alisa od Ceske Lipy 07-11-2006 – 09-06-2022 She passed away peacefully at 15,5 years of age.

This is my Reckoning, my Rock Bottom

by Antoinette Olivia TAYLOR In July 2020 I finally decided to take the plunge and search for a new four-legged

REMEMBRANCE – Tino Burns 24/07/2006 – 14/02/2022

My dear little Tino – I cannot put into words how I feel about the loss of my boy. Tino

REMEMBRANCE – Khushbir Irvine 13/10/2003 – 01/04/2017

I had never heard of Bolognese dogs until I bought a book listing all the different dog breeds. As I

REMEMBRANCE – Spaggy Thomas 2002 – 2012

This is a picture of our first Bolognese ‘Spaggy’ taken with my daughter in 2002. His Kennel Name was Chazard