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Hello fellow Bolognese owners.

Our beautiful breed does seem prone to tear staining and over the years I feel as if I have tried every remedy going with very little success.  I am so proud of Fizz but felt very upset by her tear stains. I do show her and various judges had mentioned the tear staining in their critiques (not in a good way!). You can see from the photograph how bad it could be – I tried all the usual advice – no chicken – filtered or bottled water- various powders and lotions but nothing made a real difference and I was beginning to resign myself to attempting to cover them up and just accept that’s how it would be.  I also had a vet check her over and look at her eyes in case there was a physical problem.  I would like to say this review is a personal one and what works for me may not work for everyone but the difference is so marked I just wanted to share my experience of the product.


Browsing Facebook I became aware of several reviews of a product called Show Off all very positive and backed up with photos mainly regarding tear stains but some general improvements in health.  It is described as a food supplement made up of herbs and minerals. I felt apprehensive about buying a food supplement online but decided to give it a try and monitor results. I felt even more apprehensive when a small white plastic pot arrived with a stuck on transfer of a cartoon dog stuck on the front no leaflet explaining how to administer but a stuck on label on the reverse giving a feeding guide and a list of ingredients.


The ingredients are a bright yellow powder which tastes slightly bitter – yes I do taste what I give the dogs! Ingredients state blend of aromatic spices and herbs and I imagine turmeric may be one of them. its 1 level scoop on food daily

Miraculous Results

Truly no tear staining took about 4 weeks but almost immediately I could see a difference – she is now on a slightly smaller maintenance dose. Cost £33.00 per pot which consists of 90 scoops.

The product advertises itself as “Providing support for the immune system, digestive system, joint mobility, coat condition, yeast issues and tear stains”. This is achieved by a mix of Probiotics and antioxidants a mix of herbs and essential minerals.  It is gluten free, no GMO, no dairy, no soy, no fillers and no by-products.

Fizz (and Flo my Maltese) have been using Show Off since December 2021 and the difference is amazing – £33 is expensive but it works for me.

Jennie Hegarty
Leatherhead, Surrey


Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.