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Pretty in PINK

We are pleased to say that we have had another shipment of PINK Bow Clips arrive. We also have a good variety of other colours, such as purple, blue, white and clear (see picture below).

The bows are £1 each to club members and £1.20 to non club members, plus £1 postage and packing. Of course any profits made on the Bow Clips or any merchandise we sell goes to the Bolognese Dog Club UK and is spent on education and events for Bolognese lovers.

These Bow Clips come from Europe, they have grips built in, so they stay on really well. They are also a good size so they hold up plenty of coat. We have bought purple, pink, blue, white and clear, we also have a few other colours. Chris will be taking clips to LKA dog show, if you would like to save the P&P. You can also pay with PayPal – easy!

Please email your order to or phone 01243 265378. Please also tell your friends in other breeds, as we were selling clips to Coton and Havanese owners. These clips are ideal for Bolognese and we are so pleased that we can supply you with them once again at such a good price.

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor