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QUESTION: Should I Choose a Male or Female Bolognese?

ANSWER: As an occasional breeder of Bolognese, I am often asked when I have a litter of puppies what sex is best to have. My reply, is always, what is your preference? I have had numerous replies in the past, many of which can be quite humorous some just make me wonder what research people have done.

You may of course, wonder what sex to choose, is there really a difference between male vs female dogs, apart from their physical reproductive equipment. Many dog owners always insist on having either a male or a female, possibly because that is what they had when they were younger etc. The owner of a male dog will possibly tell you that they are easier to train and then on the other hand the owner of a female will also tell you the same thing.  So, what are the differences?

The most significant difference between the sexes are their hormonal differences. The role that hormones play along with the difference in anatomy is probably the main difference. Hormones play quite a role between them, for males the differences are a direct effect on testosterone in contrast with estrogen that dominates a female’s behaviour. It is of course, important to note that the differences between the male and female dogs also depends on whether the males are intact and whether females have been spayed as their hormones will affect their behaviour.

Male Bolognese are slightly larger than their female counterparts but not significantly different. Males tend to have slightly more energy and possibly want to interact and be more playful with you and usually what you see is what you get. They are certainly not as hormonal as their female companions. If you are thinking of having your male castrated it is generally cheaper than spaying. It is less invasive and will be a shorter recovery time than a female. The downside of a male is that some will mark their territory and some people have told me it takes longer to house train a male but also going for a walk sometimes can take a lot longer!

Female Bolognese generally tend to have a calmer disposition, they are less dominant, less territorial, they are ideal for families with young children. Female Bolognese tend to mature quicker than males and can be slightly easier to housetrain and of course, they empty their bladders in one hit whilst you are out for a walk, so no trees or lampposts! The female Bolognese, I have always found is more independent and less clingy than the male.  They can, of course, be hormonal as they will have two seasons a year and if you are not planning on spaying your female, you will have to keep her out of harms way for around three weeks each time.

Male vs Female – Conclusion

Ultimately, Bolognese male and female come in a wide range of personalities and a lot will depend on their parent’s personalities each gender requires different care, so all I can say is that it will always come down to a personal preference.

I have both male and female and love them all equally.

Chris Thatcher
Devonia Bolognese



Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.