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PRODUCT REVIEW Inconti-Pet (Washable Training Pad)

How did you hear of this product?
I was expecting a litter of puppies and thinking about how many disposable puppy pads I was expecting to use and also remembering that as puppies get older they start to drag them about and tear them up.  Then coincidently I saw a post on an International breeders Facebook forum were the writer had asked what people use in their whelping boxes. Quite a few people mentioned disposable incontinence pads, so I searched and found them easily. I don’t think that many people use them, or even know about them, in the UK, but it seams in the US they are a popular choice.

Where did you buy the product?
Ebay, £15.09 each, 90cm x 77cm, FREE P&P. I bought 2 initially, my puppies are now 6-weeks and 2 have been fine as they wash quickly and dry quickly. I probably could of done with 4 as I am using a double breeders pen now and 2 would of covered almost the whole floor, but then I would of needed 2 in use and 2 in the wash. Of course if I was to breed again, they can be used over and over again!

Describe the product
They are a high quality washable absorbent underpad, ideal for pet training and for whelping bitches. They feature a breathable plastic backing to protect the floor, a brushed knitted polyester one way top layer to keep the surface dry and a super absorbent soaker in the centre. Although the initial cost is higher, they do offer considerable saving over the long term and are kinder to the environment.

What uses do the product have?
They can be used in the whelping box, in the puppy pen, for dogs and cats.

What are the advantages of the product?
The pads cover a large area, puppies are much less likely to disturb them in the bottom of the pen. They are MUCH more absorbent than disposable pads and they look much better (don’t show so much urine marks when used) and make it quicker and easier to clean out the pen. They also seem to absorb odours. When puppies poo on the pads, it is easy to just lift off the poo and mostly there is not even a mark left on the pad. Loose bowels would mark the pad though.

How do you care for the product?
I have simply washed them on a quick 30-min wash and they come up like brand new! They dry really quickly as well. The instructions say they can be washed at 95 degrees for infection control, but I have only washed them on a warm wash.

What other things should we know?
The pads can only be tumbled at a low temperature, they should not be bleached or ironed. When washing the pads, you should NOT use fabric softener.

Would you recommend the product?
Yes I definitely would to breeders and also to puppy owners to use in their pen, or crate or in the back of the car.

Is there anything else you can report?
Well, obviously the pads are NOT impregnated with any odour to attract a puppy to toilet on them. But you could buy a spray for that. The disposable ones, as I understand do attract puppies to toilet on them. So I see these more to be used in confined spaces, like crates or pens. I am using a mixture of disposable pads and reusable pads for my litter.

Melanie Thomas


Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor