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TOP TIP – tear staining

Happy Tears Tear Staining Treatment Kit (can also be used on beard staining)

Anyone who owns a Bolognese or a white dog knows that tear staining and beard staining can sometimes be a problem. Once it shows itself it is very difficult to get back under control. We know this can be brought on by various factors and there are some useful tips elsewhere on this website.

I found myself in one of these situations with one of my older dogs. I already know most of the tips and tricks but nothing was working. I came across the following product on one of the dog groups on Facebook. I had never heard of it and felt sure it would only be available in USA. To my surprise it is actually sold in the UK by a lady in Nottingham so after looking at the ingredients (known to generally work) thought it worth a try.

The product is Happy Tears Tear Staining Treatment Kit which is sold by Young Woofians www.youngwoofians.com. I placed my order on their website which arrived a few days later. The order was followed up a few days later with an email from Sue Tostevin, who owns the company, asking if I needed any help and how was I getting on. I felt this was a lovely touch and made me think that she really cared about me rather than being just another person who had ordered on her website. I ordered the kit which contained the powder, application brush, cleaning fluid and microfibre cloth along with full instructions. It came beautifully packaged in its own box. All the products were good quality and felt like a little treat. There is also a little cloth bag included so your furry friend has its own washbag. The products are all natural and ethically sourced.

I also bought the Tedster mini eye and face comb which I absolutely love. This is a tiny bamboo comb which has inherent antibacterial properties. I found this so much better than a metal comb around their eyes as it has no sharp teeth. The email gave me a link to a video on youtube. I used this product as instructed for two weeks and was really pleased with the results. I have brought the tear staining under control and just use it every couple of days now.

It is not a product which is going to cure tear staining but it certainly helps and my boy looks beautiful once again. I have since spoken with Sue and found her very passionate about the product and she is there to help.

To buy, go to www.youngwoofians.com/shop, the kit will cost you £24.95, the kit with comb £34.95 and the comb is £12.95

Jane Towers

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Jane Towers (renewal Jan 2023)

Jane Towers (renewal Jan 2023)

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