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3 Year Anniversary for Bolognese Dog Club UK

We are pleased to report that we have passed our 3-year anniversary. We started the club with a vision of providing focussed information on the breed, but with the website came a chance to build a community with interaction. With the website as a tool, we soon begun building actual interaction between Bolognese enthusiasts MEET UPS around the country.

Members rejoin each year and most of you have joined again the next year, so we know that you have enjoyed being part of our club. With the use of analytics, we can see how many people read the newsletters and read the website and Facebook posts, so we actually know how big we are getting. We have 105 members from the UK and from around The World at the moment, which for a small breed is quite an achievement. We also went over 100 members in 2017. Many more Bolognese lovers benefit from the club, so thanks to the members for making it happen!

We ran Companion Shows under license of The Kennel Club in 2016 and 2017, which was a great learning curve for us and from these shows we donated a total of £341.52 to 2 animal charities. We have organised local MEET UPS in the South, the South West, London, Oxford and the North West and have returned to venues for the second time as they have been so successful. Here is the report on the last MEET UP Hot Day in London for MEET UP.

As well as regular digital newsletters, last Christmas we published a 24-page colour end of year roundup NEWSLETTER which was mailed out to all members. This newsletter contained a summary of the clubs activities throughout the year and brand new articles and breed specific information and news. This printed newsletter was by far better than any printed material the breed has seen previously. Remember that the website is a huge database of information, we suggest that you use the search facility (small magnifying class top right of the navigation bar) to look up subject you are interested in and then all related pieces will come up. As time goes by more and more information will be held and not all will be visible, unless you search.

There are lots of benefits to joining our club as well as supporting the club to do more for the breed. As a member you will be able to read all posts in the website blog, receive regular Newsletters by email and an end of year printed NEWS ROUND. You will have your own profile on the website where you can add text and images of your dogs and be able to add posts and events yourself and comment on other people’s posts. You can enter competitions and win prizes and are able to buy Bolognese related gifts and merchandise at reduced rates. You will benefit from club social events, shows and gatherings and have access to specialist advice and information on the breed. If you show your dog, you will also be able to contribute to the Clubs NEWS Roundups, published regularly on the website.

We have published hundred of posts and articles in the last 3-years. We would like to remind you of the ways members can be part of this pooling of information. For the features below, please send your contributions, or register your interest to

ALL MEMBERS can contribute to these sections
Pictures for the GALLERY
Pictures for the PUPPIES section
TOP TIP for example TOP TIP – grooming
YOUR STORIES for example Observations of the Bolognese breed, by Jennie Hegarty

PRO-MEMBERS can be included in these sections
MEMBER PROFILES for example MEMBER PROFILE – Virginia Dowty
DOG SPOT LIGHT for example SPOT LIGHT – Amor von der Marchenwiese
SHOW RESULTS as seen here BOLOGNESE News Roundup 16/08/2018

Although the items listed are regular features, if you have any other suggestions or special knowledge, do let us know, so we can include your content in the front page BLOG, in the specific areas of the website and in the newsletters and Facebook page.

Thank you again to members, and if you would like to join our special club, use THIS LINK to apply. Remember there is a small annual subscription to be a club member.

Melanie Thomas


Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor