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Judges Critique – Three Counties – Nick Gourley

Three Counties – June 9th, 2018.

Bolognese I was very impressed with the number of dogs in this entry which were consistent in terms of the correct size and essential square shape which is such a key element of the breed standard for a typical Bolognese. Presentation of the principle winners was excellent. Clean, white, naturally flocked coats were rewarded as again this is so distinctive of the breed. PGD (4,1) 1st TOWERS Mrs J Enjanicka Midnight Blue. RBD. Immaculate presentation. Clean eyes, neat black nails and clean white coat with plenty of flocking all over. Wide skull, large nose and large dark eye. Of ideal size and square; nice and compact. Well let down hocks. Not quite the front assembly of the BD. 2nd HOLLIDAY Mrs K E Belstown Merlau Black. Super naturally flocked coat and again presented so well. Built on larger lines than the winner but nice and square in body shape. Super dark eye. Very sound 3rd DOWTY, Ms V & DAVIDSON Mr A Lafford Hero OD (4,0) 1st DOWTY Ms V Multi Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo CW16 C W17. BD & BOB. Still looking as impressive as when I last judged him and a really typical example of the breed. His head is just right with good width of skull and correct proportion of muzzle. Coat in full bloom with loads of natural flocking all over. Very good pigmentation and love his large black nose. Very sound and balanced angulation which ensures he has typical brisk movement. Ideal body proportions – square and compact and in hard muscular condition. 2nd MULLIGAN Mr D A & Mrs C M Donocielo Ceasario. Very good pigmentation throughout and beautifully presented white coat although not quite the flocking detail of the winner. Liked the width of his head with flat skull as required. Just a little longer in muzzle than ideal. Very sound away and back. 3rd FRANKLIN Mrs G Starexpress Italian Dream PB (5,1) 1st TOWERS Mrs J Enjanicka Toscana Mio Caro. A very raw 6 month old puppy but an exciting prospect. Super square and compact in body. Very typical in head proportions; to be picky I would like a larger eye. I did appreciate the dark eye and large black nose. Her coat is already developing so well for her age with flocking already evident on her head and body. Well-constructed with well let down hocks. Lots of enthusiasm on the move as you would want in a happy puppy. BPIB. 2nd MULLIGAN Mr D A & Mrs C M Donocielo Giulietta. Another very promising puppy who is so square and compact and very sound on the move. Again coat developing well and very well presented. Loved the width of her head and the ear set. Just a little longer in muzzle than winner. 3rd THATCHER Mr B T & Mrs C Gonni Torre Delle Passere With Devonia (Imp) JB (1,0) 1st DOWTY Ms V Clarchien Rock With You. A very square bitch who was sadly out of coat. Liked her head and typical expression. Sound away and back and moves steadily. Would prefer better lay of shoulder. PGB (2,0) 1st MULLIGAN Mr D A & Mrs C M Donocielo Cassia. Last time I judged she won her class and gave way to her older sister for RBB but she has really matured well and stood out in this bitch entry (sorry Seraphina); a beautiful Bolognese bitch. Was foot perfect on the move and looked a picture in profile – beautiful natural pure white coat with loads of flocking all over the body. Typical for size and so square and compact. Very sound away and back. Pushed hard for BOB but I would just like a fraction shorter muzzle for absolute ideal. A credit to her owners/breeders. BB. 2nd HEWITSON Mrs S Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin At Moorhey. Loved the muscular condition of this sturdy bitch. Dark eye and jet black nose. Good head proportions. She lacked flocking on her body compared to the winner and is longer in body and lower on leg so not as compact as winner. OB (6,1) 1st MULLIGAN Mr D A & Mrs C M Donocielo Seraphina. My RBB when I last judged the breed two years ago. Just had to give way to her younger sister today for BB. I still admire her many virtues but she looked a little short in neck today. She is still so square in body and sound on the move. Beautiful head and expression. Presented superbly – clean white naturally flocked all over. RBB. 2nd THATCHER Mr B T & Mrs C Devonia’s Red Hot Summer. Another of ideal size and in fabulous body condition. Square and compact (she can sometimes stand herself too far back which makes her look longer than she actually is). Moves very soundly away and back. Super natural white coat with flocking all over. Very good pigmentation. 3rd FRANKLIN Mrs G Starexpress Mystery Girl VB (1,0) 1st THOMAS Ms M L Figgarony Andromache At Belstown. An old favourite who is still so sound and in impeccable condition for 10 years old. She has a super head – large, dark eyes and a big black nose. Coat naturally flocked but could be more profuse in places. Such a natural showman. Nick Gourley (Judge)

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor