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Judges Critique – Bournemouth CA Championship show


Rain forced the use of the indoor ring which was OK for size but unfortunately the grass should have been shorter, this resulted in dogs appearing to be short on leg, when they were not. The grass was also rather spiky so some dogs moved without their normal freedom. It was disappointing to see a number of exhibits with stained faces.

SBD/B (1,0) 1 McArdell’s Phendelle Flamingo Fling , quite a compact outline. Correct head proportions. Dark eyes , good pigment. Fair length of neck, good rib. Fair coat. Not very happy on the table. Moved a little close in front. OD (1,0) 1 & BD McArdell’s Gerry Maty Ve Maria At Phendelle (Imp), stacked up well although he lost his outline on the move. Good pigment, dark round eye. Good legs and feet. Fair rib, nicely textured coat. Nice rear angulation. Moved well behind with positive action. Just a little unsettled.

PB (2,0) 1 BB,BOB & BP Thatcher’s Gonni Torre Delle Passere With Devonia (Imp), 10 month old of excellent make and compact shape. Well balanced head, dark eyes, good ear set and super pigment. Straight front and good feet. Good spring of rib and level topline. Tail well carried. Moderate rear angulation. Coat developing. Scored on the move, true fore and aft and pleased in profile. 2 Mee’s Lyckalotte Bibianna, 6 month old and rather raw baby. Pretty head, lovely dark eyes and good bite. Nice legs. Fair rib, topline needs to settle, prefer a slightly higher tail set. Fair rear angulation. Nice coat for age. Moved a little close fore and aft.

PGB (1,0) 1 McArdell’s Phendelle Donna, nice compact shape. Good head proportions, dark eyes, good bite. Nice legs. Fair rib, level back. Moderate rear angulation. Nice coat texture. Smart action although a little untidy in front. LB (2,0) Class for comprises 1 Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer, smaller than my ideal, compact but would prefer a little more leg. Sweet head, dark eye, good bite. Good front, dark nails. Nice rib, level back, good tail set. Moderate rear angulation. Coat of correct texture. Smart gait. 2 Mee’s Sweet Thing Dream Lady (Imp), larger but compact in shape. Good head, lovely eyes, good bite. Moderate neck. Straight front, good rib and body and level back. Moderate rear angulation. Well presented coat. Didn’t like the spiky grass which really affected her movement.

OB (1 Entries) Abs: 0 1 & RBB McArdell’s Tumbril Tantrams And Tiaras At Phendelle, good outline. Pleasing head proportions, lovely dark eyes, good bite. Straight front although a tad narrow in chest. Rib ok, prefer a little more rear angulation. Good coat texture. Good profile, a little untidy on the move in front.

Rob McLeod(Dunline)(Judge)

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor