• Stroking a dog is proven to elevate the production of ‘happy hormones’
  • 90% of employers noticed an improvement in the working environment when dogs were allowed in to the office*
  • Workers taking more fresh air breaks to walk dogs can become more creative and productive
  • Scientifically proven that stroking a dog or other pet can reduce stress and lower blood pressure

Friday 23rd June marks the annual ‘Bring Your Dog to Work Day’, a nationwide event created to raise money for charities making a positive difference to the welfare of dogs. To coincide with this increasingly popular day, the Kennel Club is reaching out to business owners and employers to encourage them to consider adopting a dog friendly policy in the workplace.

It has been proven by various studies that businesses will have more efficient, productive and happier employees if they allow dogs in to the workplace, so the Kennel Club suggests everyone gives it a try. Scientific research has proven that the presence of dogs and other animals can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and heighten the production of ‘happy hormones’, serotonin and dopamine, whilst past surveys carried out by the Kennel Club and other organisations have revealed very positive findings, including a notable increase in staff productivity when dogs are allowed in to work and increased social interaction between staff and clients.

The Kennel Club’s long-running Be Dog Friendly campaign aims to break down barriers for man’s best friend by encouraging more businesses and public spaces to welcome dogs, and includes the annual Be Dog Friendly Week (starting Monday 24th July) where business owners are encouraged to learn more about the positive benefits of being dog friendly and to consider trialling a dog friendly policy.

The campaign also supports the DogFriendly Awards which are organised by online doggy database and held in association with the Kennel Club. Public voting for the awards will open on 1st July and the winners will be announced during a prize-giving ceremony at Eukanuba Discover Dogs at ExCeL London in October.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is organised by HOWND

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

FOUNDER MEMBER Belstown Bolognese. I live with 3 Bolognese and live in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I own 3 Bolognese and show the youngest Harry. I also work part time as a support worker. I originally chose the breed for my daughter to show as a Junior Handler, but she has grown up and number of dogs have grown too! I originally trained as a Veterinary Nurse, as well as managing large show/breeding/boarding & quarantine kennels. I progressed to the commercial sector in sales and marketing of pet products, including running my own PR agency for pet related companies. Along with a few other like minded enthusiasts, we started this club in August 2015 as we felt the breed needed an information centre and a friendly group where people could share their views and learn more about the breed, so I started The Bolognese Dog Club UK. I have bred 7 litters, but don't breed currently.