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SHOW NEWS Early/mid 2024

Compiled by Melanie Thomas

We have complied Show News, covering the shows since our last report, including general championship shows with Bolognese classes and open shows attended by our members. Thanks for our Pro Members contributions. We are pleased to report that Mark & Diane’s ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI (Dino) was awarded Best Puppy in Show at the South Eastern OPEN SHOW on the 21st April. One of the weirdest things came to light when I was compiling this report and that is the The Scottish Kennel Club held 2 Championship Shows on the same day at the same venue – their May show and their October show one being  ‘All Breeds’ and the other being a ‘General Championship Show’ – I’m only assuming to save money.


UK Toy 30th March 2024

Donocielo Mattia Best of Breed UK TOY

report from Chris Thatcher
Judge Stuart Band. We had an entry of 14 dogs which was sadly a low figure for a specialist Judge and two of these were absent. We showed in the Argyle Suite which unfortunately, is not the best of venues, being away from the Main Hall. It was quite cold as there is no heating and also the tannoy system was rather loud and it did put some of the dogs off.

BB Donocielo Seraphina owned by Dennis & Carol Mulligan, RBB Devonia’s Calabria owned by Chris & Brian Thatcher,  RBD Donocielo Michelangelo, BP was Alfredo Ferrari owned by Mark & Diane Whateley. CLICK HERE for full results.

WELKS 27th April 2024


report from Chris Thatcher
We arrived at the show mid-morning and it was pouring down with rain, the sky was dark and clouds really heavy. Fortunately, it was not too far to walk from the car to the hall, but it did not stop us getting soaking wet. On arrival they had just started the breed before us, so we knew we were in for a long wait. There was no benching at this show, so it was a case of park yourself wherever you pleased. As I have said it was raining and needless to say it was also very cold. The longer we waited the colder it got. Even the dogs felt the cold as I saw some of them shivering when they were removed from their crates or trollies. Fortunately, as the day went on it dried up.

Our judge was Gary Thomas and I’ve been told that WELKS was a cold day and everybody had to hang around for ages to be judged. BOB Donocielo Michelangelo, BV Donocielo Seraphina and PB Arkadian Alfredo Ferrari  CLICK HERE for full results

The National Birmingham 11th May 2024
report from Carol Mulligan

The National shone in many ways. The weather was glorious and the effort taken for the show was outstanding. I have to say the committee should be congratulated for their fantastic organisation which made for a lovely show. Green carpet was laid out in all the rings surrounded by white picket fences. It really showed off the dogs as they paraded around in their classes. Bolognese had 18 entries judged by Norma Inglis who was so lovely going over the dogs in a thorough but gentle way.

Chris Thatcher added, “there were roadworks everywhere in Stafford and to add to that there was a Police incident in which they had closed many of the roads. Fortunately, we were not due in the ring until late in the morning. All rings this year had carpet which was great and dampened the noise which can be off putting for puppies if it is their first show”.

The National Birmingham 2024

At The National we can report Reserve BD to be LOVELL, Miss A & THATCHER, Mrs C Devonia’s Anzio, BP WHATELEY, Mr Mark & WHATELEY, Mrs Diane Arkadian Alfredo Ferrari, BV MULLIGAN, Mr Dennis & MULLIGAN, Mrs Carol Donocielo Seraphina and BOB MULLIGAN, Mr Dennis & MULLIGAN, Mrs Carol Donocielo Michelangelo. CLICK HERE for full results

SKC All Breed 18th May 2024 & October Show (held in May) General Championship
report from Diane Whateley

Bolognese were scheduled to be last in ring 10 with the Spring show first and the Autumn show following on immediately afterwards. However, at the last minute and with the Groups already being called, we were hastily moved to ring 4 to start our first show. After all that it all went in a bit of a blur. Sadly we only had breed representation in one out of the four Groups because of our late start. While we don’t envy anyone having to arrange such a massive event we didn’t think it fair that The Groups went ahead while our breed was still being judged.

Our Arkadian team were awarded:
Dino: 2 Best Puppy Dog, 1 Best Puppy in Breed, 1 Reserve Best Dog
Enzo: 2 2nd places in Open Dog, 1 Reserve Best Dog
Amy: 2 2nd places in Open Bitch
Holly 1 2nd & 1 3rd place in Post Graduate Bitch

CLICK HERE for results May All Breed Championship Show

CLICK HERE October Championship Show (held in May)

Bath 26th May 2024

Principle winners at Bath Championship Show with judge Mr Czegledi – Donocielo Michelangelo BOB, Donocielo Mattia RBD, Donocielo Seraphina BV and Donocielo Maddalena RBB

report from Chris Thatcher
Bath is one of my favourite shows, firstly, because it is close to home and secondly, the showground is always immaculate with short grass, ring tape that is anchored down so does not flap around in the wind. Unfortunately, this year, the weather was not with us, we had thunder and lightning, and the heavens just opened. To add to this, it was not very warm either. The drainage on this site has improved over the years so the water did not hang around for too long. We had a Hungarian Judge for a change who was very thorough but also very quick with examining the dogs.

At Bath first prizes also went to Lyckalotte Holly at Arkadian (Mr M & Mrs D Whateley) for PGB, Donocielo Maddalana (Mr D A & Mrs C M Mulligan) JB, Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian (Mr M & Mrs D Whateley) LD, Arkadian Alfredo Ferrari (Mr M & Mrs D Whateley) PD. Carol Mulligan said, “Bath show was a cold day and we managed to have our breed judged just before the skies open with a horrendous thunderstorm”.  CLICK HERE for full results

Southern Counties 1st June 2024
report from Melanie Thomas

group picture Southern Counties Championship Show

It was a cold day at Southern Counties, but a good turnout of dogs compared to some shows. No benches meant we were crammed in with Chihuahua people, but we did make some new friends. We didn’t have to wait too long to be judged and our judge did have a good look at the dogs including feet and pads. The ring was a bit uneven, but dry and big enough. BOB went to Donocielo Michelangelo who is dominating the awards at the moment and BB to almost 11-year old Donocielo Seraphina who looked like a far younger dog than her actual age. Donocielo dogs are owned by Dennis & Carol Mulligan. Open Bitch & RBB was awarded to Phendelle Eida Avril May owned by H Mcardell. Sisters Lily & Mia came for the ride and we managed to get a nice picture of them together along with a group shot of all of us. I don’t know why we print off passes as they weren’t checked on the way in or the way out! it was also funny to see single Portaloos scattered about rather than all together in one place – very odd. CLICK HERE for full results.


compiled by Mark & Diane Whateley

Spire Toy Dog Society 17th March 2024
A wet start to the day but it brightened up in the afternoon. Great venue with 4 good sized rings. Bolognese were 4th in the ring and the judge was Alison Rogers (Alizo). Dino ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI was 1st in Puppy and BPIB, Holly 2nd in Special Yearling, Enzo LYKALOTTE ENZO FERRARI AT ARKADIAN 1st Open Dog. Both Enzo and Dino won 3rd places (and £6 each) in the Dorothy Dearn Memorial Stakes under Steve Cayton (Stepheter).

Edwinstowe Open Show took place on Good Friday 29th March 2024. It was quite chilly but the ring was of a good size and there was plenty of space for trolleys and chairs. Under judge Matt Garnham, our ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI (Dino) got BPIB and RBOB while our LYCKALOTTE ENZO FERRARI  AT ARKADIAN (Enzo) was BOB.

Blackpool and Fylde Toy

Winning Bolognese with Judge Martin Frostick at Blackpool & Flyde

On Easter Monday 1st April 2024 was a super friendly and well organised little show.  There were two good sized rings with clear access around them and plenty of space for trolleys and chairs. ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI (Dino) got BPIB and his sire LYCKALOTTE ENZO FERRARI AT ARKADIAN (Enzo) got BOB. The judge was Martin Frostick who was excellent with the dogs, especially Dino. A photographer was on hand o capture all of the days events.

Chippenham Canine Association 7th April 2024 

Odin Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia BOB at Chippenham OPEN SHOW Rosettes sponsored by The Bolognese Dog Club UK

We always enjoy Chippenham as it is a very friendly and popular show. Unfortunately the ground in the venue is not particularly suitable for little white dogs but mats are provided in the toy ring. We were very pleased with our team of four (Dino, Holly, Enzo and Amy) who were entered not only in the breed classes but in AV Stakes and AV Toy classes too. They came away with four 1st places, one 2nd place, three 3rd places and Best Puppy in Breed.
NOTE The Bolognese Dog Club UK sponsored the rosettes at this show.

South Eastern Counties Toy Dog 21st April 2024

The gang at South Eastern Toy Dog show (including one oldie that came for a day out)

The Market Hall in the centre of Maidstone was a new venue for this show. There were 3 good sized rings and plenty of space for trolleys and chairs. Our breed classes were judged by Dawn Russell who found her BOB in our LYKALOTTE ENZO FERRARI AT ARKADIAN. His son, ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI was awarded RBIB and BPIB. They both did really well in the stakes classes too, which included pairing them for the first time in Brace. However, the highlight of the day was when ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI went on to win BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under judge Steve Rooney. We are delighted with our homebred little boy.

Marlborough & District Premiere Open show 6th May

ARKADIAN ALFREDO FERRARI Best Puppy in Breed Marlborough & District

report from Chris Thatcher
This show is held at an Equestrian Centre, which for small white dogs is not the best. The atmosphere is always great at this show and it is well run. Our Judge here was Mr. Ming Li. He was very thorough when examining the dogs and found his BOB in Amy’s Obi (Devonia’s Anzio), his R Best of Breed was Mark and Diane’s Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian. Obi also went on and had Toy Group 3. Diane Whateley added, “this show is held at the same venue as Chippenham. Dino was BPIB and we did really well in the Stakes classes”.

Plymouth and District Canine Society 21st April 2024

This show is held in an Equestrian Centre in Okehampton, Devon so is quite a way from Plymouth. This show has no classes for Bolognese only AVNSC but Amy usually goes and is happy to showcase our breed. Obi (Devonia’s Anzio) won the Open Class under Judge Stephen Watts and went on to win Group 4 Toy Group.


Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.

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