NEW MEMBER STORY – Vicky Carpenter

It was love at first sight. Deana, the breeder, was carrying a little bundle of white fluff out of her house towards Greg and me in the car. It was during lockdown so we had only seen the puppies on video before. Deana handed the little fur ball to me and within a few seconds he was wagging his tiny tail and giving me kisses. Naturally we wanted to take little Enzo home that day but he needed another two weeks with his mum before he was ready for his forever home.

Fast forward two weeks and it was collection day! There were a few little whimpers in the car but with lots of reassuring cuddles, Enzo settled in very quickly and started exploring our house. The Christmas presents under the tree proved very interesting. We were quite amazed when Enzo picked out one with his name written on it and proceeded to open it. Clearly he had been taught to read his own name already!

When it was time for learning to walk outside and socialise with other dogs, he was quite reluctant at first and we had to coax him from one lamp post to the next. And then it snowed and he loved it! Once he got to know a few of the local dogs and pups that walk on the local common, he quickly established himself on the doggy social scene.

Enzo loves to hang out with Charlie the greyhound, Alfie and Barney the Maltese brothers and Layla the cavapoo. He is such a sociable little chap who loves nothing more than to meet and greet other dogs and make new human and doggy friends. At his first Bolognese Dog Club meet up at Chiswick House, Enzo was reunited with his litter sister Clara and they were so pleased to see each other. He was also delighted to meet Fizz who lives quite near to us and we have since met up with Fizz and Clara at another Bolognese Dog Club meet up in Sevenoaks.

Enzo is a typical Italian. He likes to look his best and is not too keen on getting wet or muddy. He loves women, girls and lady dogs and is quite the Casanova. Next week, Enzo and Clara will be celebrating their first birthdays together. It’s been a wonderful 10 months for our family. Enzo makes us smile all the time and we work hard to ensure he is happy and healthy. He has a wonderful calm nature but is playful and fun with it. We love his little pawsonality.

If you’re passing through Surrey, Enzo, Vicky and Greg would love to meet you.

Vicky Anderson
Guildford, Surrey

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.