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Judges Critique LKA 2021(members only post)


It is always fascinating to see how a breed like Bolognese have developed between judging appointments. With a limited gene pool and so many breed standard ‘challenges’ I have huge admiration for the dedicated breeders. For my first impression I am looking for a small, very compact square dog with a fabulous white naturally flocked coat who moves briskly round the ring. Then we get into the detail. The key features for me are the broad skull and muzzle to head ratio with that a big black nose and large round black eyes all framed by high set yet pendulous ears giving that unmistakable expression. Then your brilliant white dog is required to have exceptional pigmentation including jet black nose eyelids, lips and nails. Judges are going to check for the colour of your dog’s nails so please ensure they are kept nice and short even if they are not all black (there were lots of very long white nails today). I know it is a challenge but when the standard asks for a long, pure white naturally flocked coat it with a pure white dog but yellow staining needs managing if your dogs are to take top honours.PD (2,0) 1st MULLIGAN, Mr D & MULLIGAN, Mrs C Donocielo Michelangelo. An exciting prospect to start the day who was presented in immaculate condition. Immediately drawn to his big black nose and black eyes. Just right in head proportions. Lovely and square in outline. Coat of good lenghr for age and flocking starting to develop nicely around his head and shoulders. Moved confidently and sound away and back. RBD. 2nd WHATELEY, Mr M & WHATELEY, Mrs D Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian. Another puppy of good size and typical compact shape. Fabulous personality. Large dark round eye and big black nose. His coat still needs to lengthen but his flocking is going to be superb when his coat is fully grown. Just needs some work on tear staining and on his legs.JD (1,0) 1st LEACH, Mrs S & MACKRELL, Mrs T Clynamona Sharlarna Da Vinci at Ouzlewell. Loved his size and square shape. Exactly the same height at withers as length of body. Large dark round eyes and a big black nose. Correct head proportions and ears set nice and high. Coat length developing well and flocking starting to really show. Moves swiftly and sound away. A little wider coming towards. Shame he wasn’t so happy today and dropped his tail as I liked his overall type very much.PGD (2,0) 1st WALKER, Mrs F Stuart Little Prince George’s Of The Black Orchid. Super clean white coat which whilst very well flocked needs to be longer. Very good pigmentation including black nails (just needs a trim). Loved his expression with big black eyes and a large nose. Head proportions just right being slightly shorter from nose to stop than stop to occiput. Moved confidently and nice and parallel. 2nd LOVIE, Mrs E & LOVIE, Mr G Blootoon’s Howes Acre. A mature dog in fabulous coat which was long and well flocked. Compact with good width to his chest and excellent spring of rib. Just a fraction longer in loin than the winner. The pigmentation on his head was very good with large dark eyes and black nose but long white nails. Not so parallel on the move being a little close behind and wider in front.LD (1,0) 1st WHATELEY, Mr M & WHATELEY, Mrs D Arkadian Marcus Maximus. A very sound dog with a lovely head and expression. Large dark round eyes and big black nose. Broad flat skull with ears set high. A little shorter on leg so not quite as square as required. Pure white coat in good condition and showing some flocking on the head. Needs to be longer over the body with more distinct flocking rather than frizzy.OD (5,0) A very challenging class as the first three all had a number of key attributes I really admired and 1st THOMAS, Ms M Belstown Harry The Potter. A mature dog in full coat of ideal length and plenty of natural flocking. Very good pigmentation with dark round eyes and big black nose. Broad, flat skull and ears sets high. Would like the muzzle a little shorter for perfection. He is so sound with a beautiful front. Well spring ribs and depth of brisket to elbow. Level back giving a sturdy appearance. Moved briskly and parallel away and back. BD. 2nd FRANKLIN, Mrs G Starexpress Italian Dream. A beautifully presented slightly larger dog. A pure white coat with just enough flocking. He was nice and square overall and really scores in head proportions and pigmentation; loved his big black nose. Just not moving well enough for top honours today. 3rd TOWERS, Mrs J Enjanicka Midnight Blue Sh.CM. This was the best dog for overall size and shape as he is a very small square dog with a pure white naturally flocked coat of good length all over his body. Sadly lacking pigmentation with paler nose and eyes than the first two.VD (1,0) 1st HOUGH, Mrs J Donocielo Alessandro At Strophair. What a credit to his owners. He had one of the best coats in the entry. Super long naturally flocked locks covering his entire body. He is an ideal size and square in shape. Very good head proportions and large round eyes just a touch paler than ideal; big black nose. Looked very smart in side gait; just a little close behind going away.PB (1,0) 1st THATCHER, Mrs C & THATCHER, Mr B Devonia’s Calabria. The first word I wrote was beautiful. Brilliant white coat already of good length for her age and fabulous flocking formed on her head and shoulders. Her head is a joy for both proportions, her typical expression and her exceptional pigmentation. She had black eyelids and big black nose and black neatly trimmed toe nails. Sound away and back. Just lacking the squareness of the fully mature BB & RBB in the final challenge. She will undoubtedly be a huge asset to dedicated breeder. BPIB.JB (1,0) 1st HOPKINS, Mrs B Lyckalotte Elegante Athena. A promising young bitch who appealed for her compact, square body shape and her head proportions. Dark round eye with a paler nose. Her coat is developing well and is already good length on her head with defined flocking but currently lacking on her body, I am sure she will end up with a super coat all over. Could just carry a little more weight.PGB (5,0) Congratulations to the breeder of 1stand 2nd both very nice examples of the breed. 1st HOPKINS, Mrs B Enjanicka Toscana Ti Adoro. A fully mature bitch of perfect size and shape; such a typical silhouette. Super compact and square in body. Medium length neck and a head with broad flat skull and slightly shorter muzzle. Ears set high and framing her face. Big dark round eyes with a large slightly paler black nose. Moved with a positive stride and sound away and back. 2nd TOWERS, Mrs J Enjanicka Evening Emerald. A promising youngster who already looks the part especially on the move where her outline is so typically Bolognese. Lovely and square, straight in front and well sprung ribs giving desired compactness. Coat of clean white with defined flocking developing well all over her body. Head of correct proportions and lovely jet black eyes with a slightly paler black nose. 3rd WHATELEY, Mr M & WHATELEY, Mrs D Belstown Beloved Amee at ArkadianLB (2,1) 1st LOVIE, Mrs E & LOVIE, Mr P Lagspring Baby. A mature bitch approaching her veteran years who is square and compact in shape and had good overall body condition. Correct head proportions with muzzle just shorter then length of skull. Dark eye and black nose. Lovely spring of rib and correct depth of brisket. Whilst her coat is of good length and well flocked on her head and neck she lacks coat all over her body. Staining of her oat detracted.OB (5,2) 1st MULLIGAN, Mr D & MULLIGAN, Mrs C Donocielo Cassia. A favourite of mine who has won 1st prize every time I have judged. Now fully mature and having taken BB & BOS last time to the famous Otti today she was my worthy BOB winner. Shown as always in immaculate condition with a pure white, clean, long naturally defined flocked coat. Jet black large round eyes and big black nose to match giving her the desired expression. Square in body and of ideal size, Sound on the move. BB & BOB. 2nd FRANKLIN, Mrs G Starexpress Mystery Girl. A slightly larger girl. Admired her clean brilliant white coat of ideal length. Just not the definition of flocking of the winner. Very square in shape and in super body condition. Large dark round eyes and a big nose which could be a shade darker. Moved with free action and sound away and back. 3rd GLOVER, Mrs L Lagspring Cilla BlackVB (2,1) 1st FRANKLIN, Mrs G Starexpress Italian Skies. My Best in Show winner at the Club Show back in 2014 and still looking quite glorious at 10 years old. What a credit to her owner/breeder. She still has it all. A wonderful pure white coat with very natural looking flocking all over and all of ideal length. Lovely expression with her dark eye and big black nose. Still with gleaming white teeth. Square and compact in body, Loves to show off on the move and can still out move the best. Sound away and back. RBB & BVIB.Judge – Nick Gourley

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.