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Judges Critique Blackpool & District Championship Show – Mrs Margaret Boulcott

This is a lovely breed, which at the moment with so much infighting will get nowhere. The Breed Standard does not help as so little information is given, and the FCI one is so extreme. Thanks to steward Jeff Hargrieves who kept up with all the paperwork so efficiently.

PGD (2, 1) 1 BELSTOWN MERLAU BLACKBIRD. Masculine dog with square, compact outline. Head had wide flat skull, with slightly shorter foreface. Good stop. Muzzle and skull parallel. Eyes large round and dark with black rims. Good chiselling under eyes. Strong jaw with strong white teeth. Nose large and black. Ears framed the face well giving more width to skull. Good length to neck leading to a well laid shoulder. Square body with level topline and strong loin. Well sprung ribs with good depth. Well presented. Good strong parallel mover. Pigment on pads ok.

LD (2) 1 Dowty & Davidson’s Lafford Hero. Loved this dog. Lovely compact shape, well presented with long flocked coat of a nice bright white. Skull had width and was flat. Ears framed the face to give the extra width so the square shape was in evidence. Large dark round eye with pigment giving nice expression. Good stop. Good strength to jaw making it almost square. Teeth strong and white. Perhaps could do with slightly more length of neck, but head carriage good. Square body with good spring and depth of rib and shoulders well laid. Straight topline and strong loin. Good tail set and carried over back whole time. Nicely angulated behind and this gave plenty of thrust to movement. Best Dog & Best of Breed. 2 Johnson’s Absuron Imperiale Mars. Not quite mastered the coat yet, as managed to comb out most of the flocks. Attractive dog with strong head with width, and ears that framed the face nicely. Good dark eye and strong jaw. Some length to neck and shoulders well laid. Strong body with depth to rib and loin short and strong. Tail used to advantage. Nice rear angulation. Moved out well. Pigment ok.

OD (2) 1 Dowty’s Int/Ir/Gib/Lux/Dutch Ch Little White Wonder. A couple of very nice dogs. This boy, for me looks feminine. Simply because he lacks the strength in the head. I cannot but feel the eyes are a fraction too close together. Having said this he is a super boy with good strong skull and foreface. Darkest of large round eyes. Proportion of muzzle square also strong and stop deep. Good ears length. Length to neck and shoulders well laid. Rib had depth and was well sprung and loin was strong. Pigment good. Tail set good and used to advantage. Rear angulation allowed for a strong smart movement that was parallel. Res Best Dog. 2 Franklin’s Starexpress Italian Dream. Beautifully presented boy with good pigmentation. Liked the head of this dog. Masculine without being too strong. He had all attributes in this area I was looking for. Length to neck and shoulders well laid. Well ribbed and front strong with tight elbows. Tail set good and well angulated rear. Lost out to winner by a fraction on hind movement.

JB (1) 1 Dowty’s Clarchien Rock With You. Nicely balanced, attractive bitch with a sweet expression. Once again presentation was excellent as was the pigment. Ears framed the head nicely and eyes large and dark. Good front with straight legs. Shoulders well laid and rib good. Square shape to body. Loin strong and tail well set. Strong parallel action. Best Junior.

PGB (1) 1 Johnson’s Beauchasseur Mr Solitaire At Absuron (Imp Fr). This bitch had a lovely sweet expression. Although coat needs a bit of work in presentation, the quality shone through. Well proportioned with square head and body. Straight legs and well laid shoulders and strong loin. Level topline and well set on tail. Pigment good around eyes and nose. Also pads not bad. Nicely angulated behind. Found rear movement better than front.

LB (1) 1 Golden’s Kaylo V H Balgzand. Well balanced bitch, with owner not mastered the art of keeping the flock! No brush or comb after wash! However, good coat fighting to do its best as best coat texture of the day. Well proportioned skull giving a sweet expression with ears framing the head giving more width. Eyes dark and large. Good stop and muzzle square and strong. Good teeth. Pigment good. Good neck length leading into a well laid shoulder. Good front and straight legs. Well ribbed and depth there. Strong loin and tail well set and carried over back. Rear angulation good. Would have liked a little more strength in the movement. Pigment acceptable. Res Best Bitch.

OB (3) 1 Dowty’s Ir Ch Clynymona Jo I’m Alone. Beautifully presented bitch, well balanced with good pigment. Loved the head and expression. Very feminine. Well pigmented. Great coat with good flocks. Ears framed the square skull giving even more width. Eyes large, round and dark with well pigmented rims. Muzzle slightly shorter than skull and had strength. Good teeth and large dark nose. Length to neck going into the well laid shoulders. Good front and rib had spring and depth. Elbows tight and pasterns strong. Strong loin not too long so body length square. Tail well set and held over the back at all times. Well angulated rear giving thrust from rear and front able to match stride. Best Bitch. 2 Golden’s Kaylo V H Balgzand. 3 Franklin’s Starexpress Mystery Girl.

Mrs Margaret Boulcott

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor