It’s Official 100 PAID MEMBERS!

Glyn & Mark Furnival-Jones have taken home their new Bolognese puppy Kyffin this week and joined The Bolognese Dog Club UK bringing our paid members to exactly 100. Glyn & Mark Furnival-Jones have won a prize for being our 100th member – a selection of puppy toys is on its way straight to them for their new puppy Kyffin.

The club is almost 2-years old, nearly everybody who joined in the first year renewed for the second year and people are continuing to sign up. The annual subscription is nominal at £6.50 for regular membership, £10 for JOINT and £15 for a PRO Member. The club brings you a regular digital Newsletter, even more regular NEWS Roundups on the website, lots of breed news and care information, the chance to win prizes and discounts on club merchandise. All members have their own profile in the Members Directory where they can add images of their dogs and information about themselves, their dogs and their interests in the breed. We also bring members, Show Critiques, Judges Profiles, Member Profiles, top tips and Q & A’s. The club website is state of the art, fully interactive and updated constantly with posts in the blog.

In the last 2-years the club has run 2 OPEN Shows under license from The Kennel Club, and donated £350 to 2 charities (Pets At Therapy & The Cinnamon Trust). There have been lots of competitions, prizes, breed specific merchandise and spot prizes for good profiles. So far the club has organised 5 really fun MEET UP for Bolognese lovers, which have included walks, pub lunch, cafe lunch and a picnic in the park. People have met other Bolognese owners that they would not of otherwise had the opportunity to do and some real friendships have been made – what more could we wish for…


Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

FOUNDER MEMBER Belstown Bolognese. I live with 3 Bolognese and live in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I own 3 Bolognese and show the youngest Harry. I also work part time as a support worker. I originally chose the breed for my daughter to show as a Junior Handler, but she has grown up and number of dogs have grown too! I originally trained as a Veterinary Nurse, as well as managing large show/breeding/boarding & quarantine kennels. I progressed to the commercial sector in sales and marketing of pet products, including running my own PR agency for pet related companies. Along with a few other like minded enthusiasts, we started this club in August 2015 as we felt the breed needed an information centre and a friendly group where people could share their views and learn more about the breed, so I started The Bolognese Dog Club UK. I have bred 7 litters, but don't breed currently.

3 thoughts on “It’s Official 100 PAID MEMBERS!

  • Janette Downing (renewal Jan 2019)
    12th July 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Lovely….i just missed being the 100th i was 101st lol….
    I have just brought home my beautiful puppy Donny on the 6 June he is 20 weeks today then I brought home my gorgeous baby Gino on 25th June who is 13weeks today they are my gorgeous boys love them both so much. Both different in nature. Donny is very confident and Gino very cuddly. They are best of friends though . Looking forward to coming along to some of the events and meeting other Bolognese owners and hopefully making new friends . Just waiting for Gino as he still isn’t allowed out yet and then we will be coming along and looking forward to joining in.

  • Glyn & Mark Furnival-Jones JOINT MEMBERS (renewal Jan 2021)
    13th July 2017 at 8:14 pm

    Blimey that’s a welcome! Thank you so much!! Kyffin (rhymes with muffin) is named after one of my favourite Welsh artists, Kyffin Williams. Though I’m tempted sometimes to tell people who ask about it that it’s Welsh for Kevin. Thanks for the toys, he’s going to be swamped ?

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