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SHOW REPORT Crufts 2017

We have been gathering feedback over the last few days since Crufts and have compiled a report for those who could not be there. Some people did have problems the evening before, getting down from The North as there was a lorry fire on the M6 causing several hour of standstill traffic, nightmare for a few people.

There was lots of time for socialising and chatting as we were 3rd in the ring after Lowchens and Maltese. It was almost 4 before the Bolognese judging started and after 5.30 before we finished. Class numbers varied with sometimes just 1 or 2 in a class, up to 6 or 7.  Our judge Carolyn Roe had lost her voice, so the steward had a little extra work to do. We had an entry of 64 with a few absentees. Lyn Glover, Glenys & Peter Haig and Caroline Fabian were entered, but absent.

More or less all dogs showed well and looked in fabulous condition, there was no real tear staining to be seen, or trimming. Everybody should be proud. A few people went off to have their dogs’ eyes tested for PRA and sadly Jane Towers missed the group photograph because she was in the medical centre. It’s cheaper to have the eye test done at Crufts, just £20 apparently.

There were quite a few people from overseas. Daniella Toselli was over from Italy, although her son and daughter in-law were not with her this year. Daniella’s 2 boys were in the VD classes taking 1st and 2nd. Daniella had a friend with her who was an excellent handler. Anna Amerilla came all the way from America for the show. Anna is from Straten Island New York, but is living in California. Also from Italy was Lorena Elli with her male Zeus. Carolien Jongejans  visited from Holland to see her bitch now owned by Karen Golden Kaylo VH Balgzand (Lucie May) at only 13-months taking the RBB place. BB also went to an overseas dog NL CH Idyllevan Het Bal Bagzand owned by Sandra Melgers from The Netherlands.

It was great to meet club members at Crufts who are not normally at shows. Mary Ledger brought an amazing homemade Bolognese biscuit in a box to the NEC for Niculina, Mrs Lovie’s daughter, they were so happy. Cindy Costello came to see the Bolognese and stayed for Discover Dogs the next day. Mary & Ian Poulter were around the benches as well as Norma Hemmings, Kathy Holliday & Mary Ledger. People were keen to talk about their dogs at home, how old they were and who bred them and how they would really like another one!

Top Bolognese and rare breed IR CH Little White Wonder Othello Matteo took BOB. Otti was bred in Holland by Jessica Van Driel and is owned by Virginia Dowty & Kathy Begg. Otti was handled in the group by Thaddeus Jhudd as Virginia was not feeling at her best after the long day. Virginia Dowty’s granddaughter Izzy had qualified for the YKA stakes with Otti, so there was a mega rush to get Otti over to the ring to connect with Izzy. Thank goodness Otti got there otherwise Izzy would have been so disappointed. Izzy looked great in her handling stakes and there is a video on Facebook to prove that!

Thanks everybody for bringing food, I did my best to share everything, but it was difficult as there was little space and people were all using their trolleys and reluctant to leave their benches. I took a tray and went round and round with food, Norma helped. Mrs Lovie bought some lovely homemade fudge and shortbread, they went down really well. Mary Poulter brought a box of amazing homemade butterfly cakes. People brought cheese, biscuits and cakes, it was great thanks for joining in. Daniella brought a huge bottle of sparkling wine from Italy with a picture of last year’s Crufts on the front.  By the time the judging was over, it was late and everybody wanted to head off home and I don’t blame them.

We managed to get a great group photograph in our ring with our judge. Dennis Mulligan took 700 photographs which he has sorted, edited and shared on Crufts Bolognese Photos Facebook group. Dennis did brilliantly in capturing shots of everybody and all dogs, what a good job done! There have also been some videos shared. Mary Poulter sent me a message saying, Just a note to thank you for the lovely atmosphere you created at Crufts. You really made the day so special and I’m sure everyone around the Bolognese benches enjoyed the warmth of your welcome and the delicious refreshments”. Quite a few other people said how it brought people together and how good the atmosphere was. Even with the language difficulties, I think the overseas visitors felt welcome.

There is always a moment you remember from Crufts and mine was in the PD class when young handler Chloe realized she had won her class with Biancopale Shooting Star known as Polo. Chloe is Jacky Johnson’s daughter. When she won Chloe looked round at her family and gave out the biggest smile. Chloe is just 17 and it was the first time showing her dog Polo. Apparently Chloe was really nervous, but it didn’t show.

Principle winners

BOB & BD IR CH Little White Wonder Othello Matteo
BB NL CH Idyllevan Het Bal Bagzand
BP Starexpress Mystery Girl
RBD ITA CH Zeus Della Corte Del Poila
RBB Kaylo VH Balgzand (IMP NLD)

Interestingly, the BP Starexpress Mystery Girl was born and bred here. However all other principle winners were either imported or visiting from overseas. For full results go to Fossedata.

So well done one and all, that’s about it, until next year…









Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.