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Show News 2023 (2nd report)

report by Dennis Mulligan

Bolognese Judge at BLACKPOOL Championship show going over Donocielo Michelangelo ‘Meko’

We had a lovely day at the Blackpool Championship Dog Show. Our judge was from Denmark, Charlotte Hoier, who was very knowledgeable about the breed and really complimentary about our Bolognese. She awarded:

Donocielo Michelangelo “Meko” BEST DOG and BEST OF BREED, Donocielo Seraphina RESERVE BEST BITCH and BEST VETERAN. To our astonishment Meko’s son 6 month old Donocielo Mattia ‘Tito’ RESERVE BEST DOG. His daughter, 6 month old Donocielo Maddalena ‘Maddie’ was Second in Puppy Bitch. Great day all round.


report by Melanie Thomas

Bette Hopkins with Alba – Lyckalotte Elegante Athena at Windsor Championship show

Windsor is a show I always enjoy attending as I have real connections with the area so lots of memories come flooding back when I visit. We gathered for Windsor Championship Show on the 29th June in the Home Park Windsor right by the side of the town and castle. All was good for this show, perfect weather for us and the dogs and not too long to wait before judging. I felt sorry for the Coton De Tulear exhibitors who were hovering behind us waiting for their turn after us as the time was moving on and the show was emptying.

We used the whole ring and were able to show off the dogs well. Our judge Mr C Sparrow was thorough and appeared to be genuinely interested in the dogs. Hilary & Peter McArdell were there and so was Charlotte Mee who was over from Dubai. There were a few puppies including two of just over 6-months old. Most of us left the benches and congregated by the ring for the judging.

The main winners all came from our Bolognese Dog Club members. Dennis & Carol’s Mulligan’s Donocielo Michelangelo came up trumps again with the BOB and was short listed in the Toy Group under Mrs G A Goodwin. RBD was Chris & Brian Thatcher’s Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia Imp Hu from the Limit Class. Best Bitch went to Hillary McArdell’s Phendelle Eida Avril May. Best Puppy Phendelle Pharaoh Othello at Lyckalotte  co-owned by Deana Mee was Best Puppy with his sister Phendelle Phyllis Eida winning the Puppy Bitch class. Dennis & Carol’s girl Donocielo Seraphina took the Best Veteran award. Well done also to Bette Hopkins who won Post Graduate Bitch with Lyckalotte Elegante Athena and to Jennifer Hegarty who won the Good Citizen dog and bitch class with Enjanicka Toscana Amore Mio.

CLICK HERE to see a selection of pictures from the day.


East of England Bolognese Judge Rob Douma from The Netherlands, with principle winners Donocielo

Best of Breed, Best Veteran and Best Puppy went to the Doncielo Team. Well done also to Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian for his Reserve Best Dog award. Bette Hopkins was at this show saying, “I did think the new venue for East of England at Rutland Showground was a vast improvement. The weather was glorious and the Dutch judge was very jolly and seemed to know his dogs”.


At LEEDS Championship show under judge Mrs Y Billows we can congratulate Mark & Diane Whateley for their awards
Res Best Dog : Lyckalotte Enzo Ferrari at Arkadian
Best Puppy : Lyckalotte Holly at Arkadian
Best Veteran : Arkadian Beloved Diana


Paignton Championship Show Bolognese judge Christine Watson with Donocielo Maddalana

All principle winners at Paignton were from our club members

BEST OF BREED & Best Dog : Donocielo Michelangelo – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Res Best Dog : Devonia’s Anzio – Chris Thatcher and Amy Lovell
Best Bitch : Donocielo Seraphina – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Res Best Bitch : Devonia’s Calabria – Chris & Brian Thatcher
Best Puppy : Donocielo Maddalana – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Best Veteran : Donocielo Seraphina – Dennis & Carol Mulligan

Well done to all

report by Chris Thatcher

Best of Breed at Bournemouth Championship Show Obanyai Pelyhes Odin

Bournemouth Show for me is not the ideal show for me it seems to take forever to get there. The weather had been very mixed the previous week and the ground is fairly uneven and as the grass had been cut it was very stubbly. This show had no benching and it was rather a squash to find anywhere to park with our trolley. The ring was quite large being the in-out type but was not the best. I was watching the dogs in the ring prior to the Bolognese and found that movement was not ideal due to the spikey grass and dips in the ground. The weather was also very windy so a lot of the dogs could not really see where they were going due to the hair blowing in their eyes.

Our Judge Mr. M. Evans has judged our breed previously and certainly knew what he was looking for giving the dogs a thorough examination including checking pigmentation of pads on all four feet. To my delight he awarded my own male Odin (Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia).

BEST OF BREED & Best Dog : Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia Imp Hu – Chris & Brian Thatcher
Res Best Dog : Donocielo Michelangelo – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Best Puppy : Donocielo Maddalana – Dennis & Carol Mulligan


Welsh Kennel Club Breed judge Andrew Stewart with Donocielo BOB, BB and BV

Congratulations also to Chris & Brian Thatcher for their Reserve Best Bitch with Devonia’s Calabria. We also heard that Doncielo Seraphina went on to be shortlisted in the Toy Veteran Group under Tim Ball


City of Birmingham breed judge Mr Hiroshi Tsuyuki from Japan with Donocielo BOB & BV

Bette Hopkins enjoyed her day saying, “We had a good result at City of Birmingham under the Japanese judge who gave Bijou a much deserved Reserve Best Bitch. It is always nice when it’s the foreign judges who often present other winners than the usual ones”. Well done also to Amy Lovel for her Reserve Best Dog Award with Devonia’s Anzio.

report by Chris Thatcher

My journey was really difficult to this show, all kinds of long delays on the roads. Panic stations kind of took over for a short while and I then resigned myself to the fact that I was going to miss the class. To cut a long story short, we finally managed to reach the showground to find that I did in fact have time to prepare the dogs just prior to going into the ring.  The weather was hot but was bearable under the marquee.  Glad to see benching for once as there was plenty of room to park ourselves, the dogs and all the equipment.

Prior to the show we had all the weather warnings of extremely hot weather and most of us went prepared with cooling mats, plenty of cold water etc., in the hopes of keeping our dogs and ourselves cool. Amy even had a couple of battery fans for our and the dog’s comfort.  Our Judge Jill Peak has judged our breed on various occasions in the past and we had a very enthusiastic steward who must have been hoarse by the end of the day.  Our Judge was very thorough checking length of nose, heads, eyes and dentition also pads and nails. I was again delighted at this show to have Best of Breed with Odin. The group ring was called early in the afternoon and by this time the weather had really got hot but thankfully there was a bit of a breeze. I am thankful to say that the return journey was a lot easier with no motorway closures.

Evie & Otto 4th in Junior Handling

Also at Richmond Deana Mee’s granddaughter Evie Hare was 4th in Junior Handling 6-10 yrs with Bolognese Otto. This was Evie’s first time at a show a great experience for her. Evie is picture here with the judge. Otto is co-owned by Deana and Evie.


BEST OF BREED : Kobanyai Pelyhes Odin with Devonia Imp Hu – Chris & Brian Thatcher
Res Best Dog : Donocielo Michelangelo – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Best Bitch : Donocielo Maddalana – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Res Best Bitch : Phendelle Eida Avril May – Mrs Hilary McArdell
Best Puppy : Donocielo Maddalana – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Best Veteran : Donocielo Seraphina – Dennis & Carol Mulligan


Bolognese judge at Darlington Nick Gourley going over Donocielo Maddalana ‘Maddie’

BEST OF BREED : Donocielo Michelangelo Best Bitch – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Best Bitch : Donocielo Maddalana – Dennis & Carol Mulligan
Best Veteran : Donocielo Seraphina – Dennis & Carol Mulligan

Dennis told us, “Meko was shortlisted in the Toy Group under Andrew Stewart and the icing on the cake was Seraphina taking VETERAN GROUP TWO under Mr Paul Harding”.


Donocielo Michelangelo

Dennis Mulligan said, “We are proud that Meko was shortlisted 3 times this summer in the Toy Group namely Bath, Windsor and Darlington. Keeping it in the family, his mother Seraphina was shortlisted at The Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show and at Darlington where she achieved a Veteran Group 2. Really pleased that Bolognese are being acknowledged amongst the Toy Breeds for the top awards”


Bournemouth Open Show 11/08/2023 by Mark Whateley

Enzo & Holly Whateley at Bournemouth OPEN SHOW

There is an OPEN SHOW at the same time as the Championship Show for Bournemouth and Bolognese have classes. The weather was mixed for the open show but mostly dry. There was very little space under cover around the rings. Unusually we were first in the ring under judge Mrs M Sergent who had an entry of just 4. The judge was very kind and thorough with all the dogs. Our Enzo was awarded the BOB and Holly BPIB.

Bakewell Open Show 16/07/2023 by Mark Whateley

Winners at Bakewell Show, with Bolognese Judge Amy Lovell

This was a nice open air show alongside an agricultural show. No cover is provided so it was a good job I took a tent to shelter from the rain. Lots to see and do with a live music stage. A special treat was the low-level flypast from a vintage WW2 Avro Lancaster. Amy Lovell was our judge and she was very thorough and kind to the dogs and overlooked that in my haste I hadn’t taken Cara’s top knot out. She chose Enzo as her BOB and Holly as her RBOB and BPIB. Enzo did well coming 2nd in AV toy open and Holly got puppy group 3.

Thame & Oxford Open Show 19/07/2023 by Mark Whateley
This was another wet open show with some layout changes and again glad I took a tent. Bolos were 2nd in the ring under judge Linda Benton-Taylor but ended up going straight in as the previous exhibit failed to show up. Judge and steward were very nice and she awarded Enzo RBOB and Holly BPIB. Enzo and Holly both got 2nd in AV toy open and puppy respectively and Holly enjoyed the puppy group but didn’t get placed this time.


Amy with Devonia’s Anzio

On the 30th July, Amy Lovell was at Wiverliscombe & District Open show where Devonia’s Anzio was 1st AVNSC Graduate and BAVNSC. Amy also had a lovely day out on the 18th of June at Taunton & District Canine where Devonia’s Anzio was again 1st AVNSC Post Grad , RBAVNSC –  well done Amy.

Bette Hopkin’s girl Bijou

Bette Hopkins reported on some Open Show she attended, “Bijou was 1st in Open AV Toy and a third in Open AVNSC at Huntingdon Canine Society Show 19 August. At Great Yarmouth Show 23 Sept, where there were Bolognese Classes, Alba won Best Bitch in Breed and Bijou was Reserve”. Bette added, “I was thrilled to bits that Alba charged around the ring with gusto and energy at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Premier Open Show to romp home with BOB, with Bijou getting Reserve BOB. A nice way to finish off the show season!”

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Show Report Spring 2023

this report was compiled by Melanie Thomas







Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.