NEW MEMBER – Christine Braunton & Lottie

Kennel Club Registered Name: Phendelle Free and Easy

Our name for her: Lottie

Dob 7/ 9 /2015


My partner and I have been going to Europe for many years now in our motorhome. When we were both working in education it used to be just summer holidays. On many of these trips to France or Spain I would see lovely small white fluffy dogs that looked as if they had great characters. Eventually we asked a Frenchman what sort of dog it was – a Bichon Bolognese, he replied. I was in love and wanted one badly. When we both retired I discovered there was a Kennel Club approved Bolognese breeder that lived not far from us in North Devon. We visited her early November 2015 and she agreed that we could have one of her puppies early January 2016. I was delighted. Only a few days later she phoned us and explained that she unexpectedly had a female puppy available and would we be interested in having her. Suddenly we had gone from having to wait 3 months to 24 hours. The next day we brought home the most adorable Bolognese puppy – Lottie. The breeder had to give us a few essentials to get us going as I had nothing ready for her.

5 years on and she is still absolutely adorable, cheeky, playful when she wants to be, very clever, and much loved. She took to travelling in the motorhome right away and gets very excited when we start to get the van ready for a trip. From a puppy I took her out with me on my bike and she runs alongside if we’re on an open, quiet path, or sits in a box on the front when we’re on the road. She loves to go to the beach and chase a ball – but never brings it back. You could entice her to bring it back a dozen times with a treat but the minute you don’t have a treat – she doesn’t bring it back. She likes to get wet, muddy, sandy, and likes nothing better than to say hello to every dog on the beach – big or small. The only thing that frightens her is fireworks.

Every evening she has a routine : after we have eaten she immediately brings her long duster (the type with a handle) to my partner and he plays a very energetic tug o war with her for about 15 minutes. She then expects him to hold her reindeer bone whilst she chews on the end. After 5 mins of this she will settle down. She won’t play duster with me – only him.  About 8pm she takes herself off upstairs to bed (she usually looks at me intently before she goes, but I tell her it’s too early for me so she trots off by herself).

She keeps us fit and gives a huge amount of enjoyment and love. My mum says it’s like having another grandchild!

Christine Braunton
Barnstable, DEVON

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.