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NEW Club For Bolognese Enthusiasts


NEW Club For Bolognese Enthusiasts

A group of Bolognese owners have founded Bolognese Dog Club UK a new and exciting breed club for the modern age. The club’s website at is fully interactive using the most up-to-date technology and social media connections. Via the club website members are able to easily load personal profiles, share images of their dogs, hook up with each other and contribute to posts and articles.

The Bolognese Dog Club UK on-line blog provides invaluable breed information, health advice, TOP TIPS, industry news and a plethora of other information about caring for a Bolognese. Members are encouraged to contribute to the club blog by commenting on existing posts and by uploading their own pieces of news and information. Members to the new club will always find something of interest to learn about the breed as the information is refreshed constantly.

Relatively new to the UK, the Bolognese dog has a very distinctive white coat and belongs to the Bichon family. Named after Bologna a city in northern Italy, thought to be the place of their conception these dogs are an ancient breed of noble origins.

The Bolognese Dog Club UK is for everybody from the owner of a single much loved Bolognese through to experienced breeders and show exhibitors. As members grow, fun gatherings for Bolognese people and educational events will be organised across the UK.

The Bolognese Dog Club has been developed to bring Bolognese owners and enthusiasts together to share experiences and knowledge and to feel part of a friendly and supportive group.

Membership to the new club is on 2 levels. ‘Pro membership’ is for people who show their dog or breed and ‘Club membership’ for pet owners or those interested in owning a Bolognese. Subscriptions to the new club are just £5 a year for pet owners and £15 a year for Pro Members and for Overseas Members.

The Bolognese Dog Club UK website allocates all members their own space to upload a ‘Member Profile’ including pictures of their much loved dogs. Members are able to contact other members via the club website, upload events to a calendar and invite owners to picnics, walks or other doggy get-togethers in their area.

To Join the Bolognese Dog Club UK visit the website, click ‘Join Us’ to complete a quick application form on-line. Newsletters will be produced both digitally and in hard copy format. A membership application form can also be posted to interested parties. For further information visit, or call 01243 265378.


For more information contact:

Melanie Thomas, CHAIRPERSON
Bolognese Dog Club UK
1 Southwark Walk
West Sussex
PO21 3RR

Tel: 01243 265378
Mob: 07770 798809




Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.