Answers to Common Questions about Bolognese

In our endeavour to educate people about the Bolognese, we have answered 5 common questions to supply readers with an insight to the breed and whether they would make a suitable addition to your family.

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QUESTION: Do they need much grooming?

QUESTION: How much exercise do they need?

QUESTION: What health checks do Bolognese require?

QUESTION: Are Bolognese hypo-allergenic dogs?

QUESTION: How do you keep Bolognese dogs so white?

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

FOUNDER MEMBER Belstown Bolognese. I live with 3 Bolognese and live in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. I own 3 Bolognese and show the youngest Harry. I also work part time as a support worker. I originally chose the breed for my daughter to show as a Junior Handler, but she has grown up and number of dogs have grown too! I originally trained as a Veterinary Nurse, as well as managing large show/breeding/boarding & quarantine kennels. I progressed to the commercial sector in sales and marketing of pet products, including running my own PR agency for pet related companies. Along with a few other like minded enthusiasts, we started this club in August 2015 as we felt the breed needed an information centre and a friendly group where people could share their views and learn more about the breed, so I started The Bolognese Dog Club UK. I have bred 7 litters, but don't breed currently.