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Animal exhibit regulations in Wales

Kennel Club urges exhibitors to have their say on animal exhibit regulations in Wales

The Kennel Club is urging dog show exhibitors from across the UK to write to the Welsh Government to prevent thousands of people who show dogs in Wales being caught in a newly proposed licensing system.

The Welsh Government is currently consulting on new Regulations regarding Animal Exhibits, including the proposal that anyone exhibiting an animal in Wales will need to be licensed and inspected. This will not only apply to those who live in Wales, but any exhibitor who shows dogs at any Welsh show. The Regulations will also require anyone who lives in Wales and exclusively exhibits their dogs outside of Wales to also obtain a licence and be inspected.

Although those competing in activity disciplines are exempt, the proposed amendment to the Animal Welfare Act in Wales would affect a huge number of dog show exhibitors; there are around 200 local dog shows that take place in Wales annually, as well as two major shows run by the Welsh Kennel Club and the South Wales Kennel Association. The Welsh Kennel Club show attracts around 9000 dogs.

Full proposal and accompanying guidance

The full proposals and accompanying guidance can be found here.


Toolkit to get involved with the campaign

  • Send your Parliamentarian a letter outlining your experiences of dog showing and how the proposed regulations would impact you. We strongly advise including your personal views and experiences, however, we have created a template letter here to assist you (Template letter for Welsh Assembly).
  • Sign the Our dogs petition, asking the Welsh Government to not implement licensing for show dogs, cats and shown horses.
  • We strongly advise those who show their dogs as a hobby to meet with their local AM, MP or MSP. Here are key points to outline in your meeting (Key points for meetings with Assembly Members).
  • We have prepared a template response to the consultation, which can be downloaded here. However, the intention of the template is that it is used as a guide to formulate your own submission, in which you can draw on your own personal experiences. (Guide to consultation response)





Animal Welfare & Framework Branch

Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer

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Please also copy the response to your local MP, Welsh Assembly Member or Member of the Scottish Parliament as well as


Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.