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Judges Critique – Birmingham National Championship Show 10th May 2018

My fifth time judging the breed at this level, and I think the quality improves every time. Temperaments were wonderful as you would expect. A few exhibitors could do with help, advice and encouragement from the more experienced exhibitors regarding presentation. JD (3, 1) 1 Dowty & Davidson’s Lafford Hero. I was very impressed with this young dog, he has a super outline and handsome head. He has lovely black eyes, with good haloes, defined stop, and high set ears that were long. His neck was medium leading on to well laid shoulders, straight front, black nails, good topline, tailset is good and he carried his tail over the back at all times. Looked lovely on the move, holding his super shape. Coat was well flocked and beautifully presented. Res BD. 2 Pipta’s Dante Bel Diamond. A longer cast dog that wasn’t as balanced as first. His head properties were good, pigment was satisfactory, tidy dentition. His coat looked a little more brushed out, needs more fronds. Moved ok and nice friendly temperament. Needs advice and help from his fellow exhibitors regarding coat presentation. PGD (2) 1 Towers’ Enjanicka Midnight Blue. Definately square and compact in outline, with a nice head carriage. Dark eyes, nose and lips. I liked his front and rear, very sound on the move maintaining his shape. he had lovely well sprung ribs, and another with black nails. His tail set was a little low. Beautiful presentation. 2 Holliday’s Belstown Merlau Black Bird. This dog had a better tailset and his coat was probably more flocked, and coat covering the whole body. His nose was longer than first, and his body longer cast and shorter legs than first. He moved happy, and had a nice friendly temperament. OD (2) 1 Dowty’s Multi Ch Little White Wonder Othello Matteo CW16. A little compact dog that has become the breeds recent ambassador. He has a lovely head and expression, the blackest of eyes with haloes, strong muzzle, good dentition. His neck is a good length, and has a shapely body with excellent taislet and carriage. He moved a dream around the ring, so sound and stylish. This dog really needs to be handled to be appreciated as he can look a little short on leg at first, but, when you table examine him its the wealth of long flocked coat he has that makes him look a little stuffy. His wealth of coat was expertly prepared and presented in first class condition. BD and BOB. 2 Young’s Radamantino Orlando Di Lafford (Imp Ita). I have actually given this dog BOB over first before. Today he lacked a little body, but still has the most divine head and expression. His coat was beautifully presented with lovely flocks. He moves soundly around the ring holding his shape. nicely handled. 3 Hough’s Donocielo Alessandro At Strophair. MPB (2) 1 Thatcher’s Gonni Torre Delle Passere With Devonia (Imp). Such a sweet baby that was showing her little heart out. Pretty feminine expression, blackest of eyes and nose. Her front is straight with good length of leg, her body shape is correct with tidy rear. Her snow white coat was beautifully prepared and presented. Moved very well for one so young. BP. 2 Hewitson’s Trilly La Signora Dei 100 Cani At Moorhey. Quite similar to first in many ways. She has a sweet head and expression. Good body with well sprung ribs, her tailset is excellent and carried correctly. Not as postitive as 1st on the move today. Nicely turned out. JB (1) 1 Dowty’s Clarchien Rock With You. Excellent compact shape, her head was lovely with good pigment. I liked her muzzle length and dentition was good. Well laid shoulders with straight front, well sprung ribs with moderate turn of stifles in the rear. Moved well in front but a little close behind. Coat was well presented. PGB (1) 1 Glover’s Lagspring Cilla Black. With better presentation this little bitch could do well in the show ring. She lacked a lot of head coat, and her nails were very long. She has a pretty head with large round dark eyes, good muzzle skull ratio. Moved very soundly around the ring. Needs advice and help from her fellow exhibitors regarding coat presentation. LB (4) 1 Hewitson’s Belstown Cheeky Pumpkin At Moorhey. I was very impressed with this girl, ultra sound on the move. Certainly not a glamour girl, and maybe not in the fullest of coats but she has nothing to hide. Textbook head and expression. Well bodied with super sprung ribs. Excellent taislet and carriage. Her coat was fronded but would like to see her in a fuller coat. Nice useful bitch. I liked her a lot. Res BB. 2 Johnson’s Biancopale Shining Star. This bitch was longer in body than first, but she has the correct length of leg. Shown in full bloom with lots of fronds. Pigment not as strong as 1st and needs to settle on the move. Nicely presented. 3 Thatcher’s Devonia’s Red Hot Summer. OB (3) 1 Golden’s Kaylo Van Het Balgzand (Imp Nld). Impressive bitch who scores on outline and movement. Loved her body shape with good length of leg, her front is straight with black nails. Well sprung ribs with moderate angulation in the rear. Her tailset is good and carries her tail ok. Very feminine head with all the essentials. Her coat was white as snow and presented in first class order. A bitch that could easily give ‘Matteo’ a run for his money. BB. 2 Dowty’s Ir Ch Clynymona Jo I’m Alone. Bigger and more substantial bitch compared to first, but still a quality girl. I loved her head and expression, nicely laid shoulders and straight front. Good topline with excellent taislet and carriage. Her wealth of coat was fronded from nose to tail. Nicely turned out. Her movement was a touch sluggish today. 3 Franklin’s Starexpress Mystery Girl. VB (1) 1 Thomas’ Figgarony Andromache At Belstown. A nice size of bitch who was really enjoying her day out. She has a pretty head and expression, pigment is still good and muzzle skull ratio is correct. She has a shapely body with excellent taislet and carriage. She moved very soundly around the ring holding her shape at all times. Presentation was first class.

Andrew D Stewart

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor