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DOG PROFILE – Donocielo Michelangelo

Donocielo Michelangelo, fondly known as Meko was born on the 19th February 2021 from Donocielo Seraphina and Multi Ch Lafford Hero. Meko didn’t have the best first few weeks of his life and was quite poorly. The vet could never put their finger on what was wrong with him, however we are grateful that he was able to fight through and still be with us today. When our puppies are young they are always given coloured collars and nicknames with our little green boy being named ‘H’ after his dad.

Meko as a young puppy

When we decided to have this litter it was always our intention to keep a puppy for showing. As the weeks progressed it became apparent that a tough decision was going to have to be made. Like always picking a puppy for show is a hotly debated topic and this litter was no different. We had to make a decision between purple girl (@BellainLondon) and green boy (Meko). If we could have kept both we would have but the tough decision had to be made and both his show potential and our soft spot for this little puppy, from his difficult first few months, meant we went with green boy.

Meko with his father

You may be wondering where we got the his eventual name Meko from. The first place was a shortening of his official name ‘Michelangelo’ after the teenage ninja mutant turtles and secondly from a super talented harpist  we used to watch perform at a shopping mall in Florida when we would go on holiday. 

When Meko was very young he was quite a soppy boy who loved a cuddle but still had a playful side. Meko had this one special toy that he would run over in excitement and lick when it played a song about a happy bear. Fast forward nearly 3 years and I think we would say that he has become slightly more crazy and less soppy, often being dubbed ‘mental meeky’ due to his fear of missing out on anything that may be occurring at home and obsession with a particular squeaky ball. Meko’s top tips for getting our attention include pulling our hair, jumping on our shoulders and licking our feet. Meko is extremely intelligent which made training relatively easy, when he was small we took him to good citizen puppy training to socialise him and as you can imagine he loved the attention. 

Meko attended his first show at Blackpool 2021. For the first moment he walked in the ring it was obvious that he was going to be a showman, it was as if he had been showing for years. Since his Best Dog at his very first show, Meko has continued to flourish winning countless BOBs and being named the UK’s Top Bolognese for two consecutive years.

Just over a year ago Meko sired his only litter with our own Ella and produced a litter of lovely puppies, with two still part of our family; Maddie and Tito. Meko is extremely close to both of his offspring and they often have a barking competition with each other to see who can be the loudest. 

The laughter and moments of joy that Meko provides us are priceless and we couldn’t imagine our doggie family without him.

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Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson

I live in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex with 2 Bolognese and I show one of my dogs.