Club Member Launches Children’s Book


Duggie is a bad bad Dog, by Noel Sweeney ISBN 978-1-872724-10-2 Amazon Price £15

Duggie is aimed at children aged 9 to 11-years-old and their parents:

Edith, the volunteer at the animal sanctuary told the family that adopted Duggie:

“All rescued dogs have problems. Duggie is no different. It is as if they know they are edging towards death, yet always hoping that the next visitor will save them. Their problems start with people like Kelly who abuse them. So always treat Duggie with care and kindness. He’ll repay you in diamonds with a lasting loyalty.”


Noel Sweeney (renewal Jan 2020)

Noel Sweeney (renewal Jan 2019)

FOUNDER MEMBER Noel Sweeney LL.B Dip. Crim. I M.A. I have been a practising barrister for over twenty years. The main areas of law I practise in are animal law, criminal law and human rights, plus a tinge of employment law. I have had a long-term interest in Animal Law. In connection with that I have appeared on both local and national radio including Radio 4, BBC Bristol and Radio Scotland to discuss the legal aspects of animal and human rights. The other participants included Professor Peter Singer, the foremost authority in the world on the philosophy of ‘animal rights’. I have also participated in a live debate on legal issues relating to animal welfare on television. The audience included experts from many different organisations and professions such as the R.S.P.C.A. and L.A.C.S. and philosophers and police officers.