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The Bolognese Dog Club was launched in August 2015. You will find member profiles in the Members Area and Breeders & Pro-Club Members in a separate directory. To join click ‘Become a Member Join Us‘ on the top banner. We will ask you to visit the Member Payment Area once you have been approved.

Please be aware that there is a small annual subscription to be a member of this club.

This club has been developed to bring Bolognese owners and enthusiasts together to share experiences and knowledge and to feel part of a friendly and supportive group. The club is for everybody from the owner of a single much loved Bolognese through to experienced breeders and show exhibitors. The club will benefit those aspiring to own a Bolognese dog as you will find trusted advice on choosing, training and caring for a Bolognese puppy.

Bolognese Dog Club membership is on 2 levels. ‘Club membership’ is for pet owners and ‘Pro membership’ for people who show their dog or breed.

We are providing content of interest to breeders and show exhibitors covering issues such as the breed standard, DNA testing and The Assured Breeder Scheme. The rest of the content is general, fun and informative.

Some posts in The Blog are only accessible by logged on members. As a member you will have access to the full site, you will have your own profile, can enter competitions, load events, contribute to The Blog and comment on posts or articles. Members will receive Newsletters and are entitled to discounts on Club Merchandise. The vision is to grow a community website with a strong core of members, so we can arrange regular events and get-togethers around the country.

To join The Bolognese Dog Club and become part of the community, click on ‘Become a Member‘ at the top banner and complete the questionnaire to start the application process. Annual subs are £6.50 for member, £10 joint-member, £15 for Pro member £20 for joint-Pro member and £10 for overseas members. Draft Club Rules and Code of Ethics can be found in the ABOUT US area, subject to approval.

Thank you for your interest in The Bolognese Dog Club and we look forward to welcoming you as a member.

Latest Events

  • East of England Championship Show

    Hound, Toy & Terrier Day Bolognese Judge: CHRISTINE RUSHBROOK EAST OF ENGLAND SHOWGROUND Peterbo...

    July 9 at East of England Show Ground
  • LEEDS Championship Dog Show

    Toy & utility day Bolognese Judge Mr Tom Mather Paper entries close 20th June, online at  www.h...

    July 23 at Harewood House
  • Paignton Championship Show

    FIRST DAY — FRIDAY 5th AUGUST 2022 PASTORAL, WORKING AND TOY Bolognese Judge: Mrs S Smith Entries ...

    August 5 at Westpoint
  • Bournemouth CS OPEN SHOW

    Bolognese Judge: Mrs J Sharp-Bale (Neradmik) at Pikes Farm, Organford Lane, Organford, Poole BH16 6E...

    August 12 at Pikes Farm
  • Bournemouth Championship Show

    Toy & Hound Groups Bolognese Judge: Mr G G Thomas to be held at PIKES FARM, ORGANFORD LANE, ORG...

    August 15 at Pikes Farm
  • Welsh Kennel Club CH Show

    Utility & Toy Day Bolognese Judge Ms Chris Lawson ENTRIES CLOSE: SATURDAY, 9th JULY 2022 Entries...

    August 20 at The Royal Welsh Showground
  • Horley & District CS OPEN SHOW

    Bolognese Judge : Peter Young (Lotsmoor) SOUTH OF ENGLAND AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY SHOWGROUND Ardingly, ...

    August 28 at The South of England Showground


Please use this DONATE button to pay for merchandise or miscellaneous payments. Subscriptions can be paid via the MEMBERS tab and then choose ‘Member Payments’. The Bolognese Dog Club UK is a non-profit organisation, all funds will go towards events and education, thank you so much for your support.