The World Show Experience, by Jane Towers

What an adventure. We packed our bags and four dogs for the WDS 2018 at the RAI in Amsterdam. This is in the centre of Amsterdam and a little like the NEC. First show on Thursday was the Benelux show where the Brit’s had a great entry. This gave the opportunity to warm the dogs up for the week of showing. I only showed one of my dogs on this day but Virginia had a strong presence and was very successful.

The next show was the specialities show which we didn’t attend but again Virginia flew the flag for the Brit’s and did exceptionally well.  I’m so pleased I did the first show as it gave me an idea of the layout of the exhibition centre and what to expect. And, my word what chaos. In Europe there is no benching so it’s a free for all with trolleys around the ring, suitcases, dog pens, chairs and more. You name it anything dog related was there. Everyone spread themselves out, set up like a picnic so no room at all. If you wanted to get near the ring you needed to arrive at 6.30. We are so lucky in the UK to have benches.

Sunday was the big show and we had a great entry from the UK. 13 dogs were participating from three exhibitors Virginia Clynymony, Dennis & Carol Mulligan Donaceilo and ourselves Enjanicka. There were 3 further UK bred dogs entered but owned by German and Italian exhibitors.

We had a 9am start and were 3rd in the ring after the volpino Italiano and Maltese. It is very different showing in Europe with all the exhibitors going into the ring in number order. The judging was very swift and the steward didn’t wait for you, if you weren’t in the ring they started without you.

There were some lovely quality dogs but coats were much shorter than the UK. Certainly a different grooming regime. All the UK entries did well and the Open Bitch class was made up of all UK bred dog. The main winners were worthy and beautiful examples of the breed.

Definitely worth doing and was lovely to meet breeders and exhibitors we only see on Facebook,

Jane Towers




Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor

Melanie Thomas, Chairperson/Editor